Audio-Technica continues legacy of providing microphones for presidential debates

Audio-Technica's Artist Elite 5000 series wireless, as well as several other microphone models, is being used to capture the candidates and moderators for all the presidential debates. The company has been outfitting the debates since 1988.

Larry Estrin, of Best Audio in Studio City, CA, serves as audio and production communications director for the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) and has chosen several different Audio-Technica microphones for use at the four events.

The town hall setting in Nashville, TN, on October 7 is expected to be the most challenging audio environment. Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 series wireless systems will be on the candidates and moderator Tom Brokaw. In addition, the company’s AT898 and AT899 subminiature lavaliers will be integrated with the 5000 series systems for unobtrusive use.

With two independent diversity receivers in one full-rack housing, the 5000 series offers 200 selectable channels in each of two available UHF bands. Receivers may be linked to form a complete system in which the built-in IntelliScan capability automatically determines and sets the best available frequencies on all linked receivers. Equipped with Ethernet ports, the 5000 series receiver allows computer management and control.

Throughout the Nashville debate, several voters will ask questions of the candidates from the audience, using AE6100 hypercardioid handheld dynamic microphones connected to Audio-Technica's AT-MX351 SmartMixer five-channel automatic mixers.

The other three debates, which situate the candidates and moderators variously in front of podiums or seated at tables, also feature a number of the company’s products.

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