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Audio mixers, on-air, portable, studio, playback


Wheatstone D-8

Surround-sound audio console for medium and smaller market stations, remote trucks, or secondary on-air/production rooms in larger facilities; features 24 motorized input faders, surround, four submasters, two main buses, two aux sends, and extensive processing (four-band parametric EQ, filters, compressor/limiter, de-esser).
Booth: N7612


Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems DME64N/DME24N

DME24N features up to 24 channels of I/O (including eight built-in analog I/O); inputs will accept mic/line level signal; additional digital and analog I/O is also available via a single MY (mini-YGDAI) card slot; DME64N features four times the processing power of the DME32, and includes up to 64 channels of I/O.
Booth: N3838

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