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Ward-Beck Systems MLC8

Handles AES, Dolby E, Dolby AC3, analog audio or HD/SD embedded signals; equipped with eight LED bar graph level displays, individual channel and master level control with mute function, level status LED indicators, presets and toggling between 5.1 and stereo listening, and 7.1 and 5.1 to stereo mix-down capability.
Booth: SU4813


RTW Loudness Family

Includes SurroundControl, SurroundMonitor, DigitalMonitor, and an integrated loudness display conforming to the ITU BS.1771 guideline as a standard feature; monitor the loudness of stereo, multichannel and surround signals in a wide range of applications, as a complement or an alternative to conventional peak meters; users can select integrated loudness measurement, as per ITU BS.1771 for stereo signals, as an alternative to the usual peak meter bar graphs.
+49 221 709130;
Booth: N3123


Dolby DP600

Program optimizer provides automatic analysis and intelligent correction of audio loudness and metadata (if applicable) for common broadcast media file and audio formats in use today; offers the option of faster-than-real-time file-based encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E content, as well as efficient transcoding between the formats.
Booth: N1815

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