Ashly offers user-friendly NE Series DSP for networked audio

Ashly Audio’s new ne4400, ne4800 and ne8800 digital signal processors (DSPs) bring user-friendly setup and control to networked audio systems using Ashly’s PC-hosted Protea NE software. These latest additions to the NE (network-enabled) Series offer a multichannel routing matrix with microphone input, network audio and digital audio hardware options, plus an extensive menu of 32-bit/96kHz SHARC-based DSP that supports hot-plug software control. All three units are now shipping.

The three standard units offer 4 x 4 (4400), 4 x 8 (4800) and 8 x 8 (8800) analog line I/O formats with 24-bit A-to-D and D-to-A converters and a high-performance analog audio path that provides a dynamic range of better than 114dB. Hardware options include four-channel mic/line inputs with software controllable gain and phantom power, plus CobraNet, EtherSound or AES/EBU I/O.

The Ashly NE Series offers a comprehensive DSP library of processing blocks that include an 8 x 8 matrix mixer; a full array of variable Q graphic and parametric equalization; crossover filters with up to 48dB/octave slopes; an advanced automatic feedback suppressor; auto-levelers; compressors; matrix duckers; limiters; and frequency-keyed noise gates. Up to 1365 ms of delay is available on every channel. Ashly’s Protea NE software, running on the PC platform, permits hot-plugging of any function into any channel block while running live audio with no latency or recompiling necessary. Computer or supported third-party device interface is via 10/100 Ethernet and RS-232 protocol. Automatic DHCP network IP configuration ensures quick and easy setup.