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Artificial Life’s MoPA-TV 3.0 interactive mobile TV platform takes viewer interaction beyond text messaging

Artificial Life’s new MoPA-TV 3.0 stands out from its SMS Galaxy 3.0 predecessor with new avenues for viewer engagement that include mobile mail, the Internet, WAP sites and fixed line channels. The new features were introduced into SMS Galaxy in the course of implementing a Japanese TV show. The end result was a new product, MoPA-TV 3.0, with a new mission: to provide multiple interface methods for live participation TV shows.

MoPA-TV 3.0 features multichannel interaction, detail management with 3-D performance optimization, automated scene graph selection in real time, unlimited preset camera positions and paths, dynamic collision boundary checking, parameterized volumetric avatar spawning algorithms and 1080p HD optimized textures and mapping.

Text message interaction through MoPA-TV is supplemented by additional support of e-mail, mobile Web (WAP) and online access for user participation. MoPA-TV 3.0 is available now.

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