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Arqiva, NGW to deploy Radio Frequency Systems PHP 5S panel array antennas

Radio Frequency Systems is providing advanced broadcast antenna solutions to UK broadcast infrastructure owner/operators, Arqiva and National Grid Wireless (NGW), to support the nation’s digital television switchover.

RFS will supply several of the UK's newest DTV transmission sites with 12-level horizontally polarized high-power antenna arrays. In addition to designing the antenna for each site, RFS is providing the owner/operators with three-dimensional radiation files for coverage planning simulations.

Many of the Arqiva and NGW broadcast antenna arrays make use of RFS's advanced five-sided PHP 5S panel array. Engineered for the UK's DTV applications, the five-sided PHP 5S panel array supports multiple channel operation over the entire UHF band (470MHz to 862MHz) and delivers horizontal radiation pattern (HRP) performance.

The PHP 5S panel array also was designed following direction from Arqiva and NGW to provide optimum climbing space inside the antenna.

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