Anvato Targets Broadcasters With Captioning, Cable Ops With Personalization

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—Anvato, provider of multiplatform distribution software, announced features to enhance personalization for cable operators and to cover closed-captioning compliance for broadcasters.

Anvato Watch, is a turnkey TV Everywhere platform and mobile application built for cable operators to offer personalized television. Subscribers would receive personalized content based on geographic location, subscription rights and user preferences, Anvato said. The platform includes scalable personalization on connected devices, turnkey deployability, a hybrid cloud-premise architecture, live streaming, ad insertion and video players for “all devices,” Anvato said. Anvato uses the customer’s current private or commercial content delivery network.

On the broadcast front, Anvato said its multiplatform publishing TV Everywhere software, used by NBCU, Fox Sports, Gray, Herast and others, “is fully compliant with the latest FCC closed-captioning mandates for IP-delivered content per the agency’s July 11 ruling regarding online broadcast of short-form clips that aired on television.”

The vendor said it handles captions in 180 languages, “compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, as well as customizable and searchable in the video player,” and that it provides the required tools within its video players for enabling text display.

(Separate FCC rules also call for greater caption accuracy. See “FCC Pushes Caption Deadlines.”)

Anvato hit the media market in 2008 with the introduction of technology that enabled video clip versus word search, for quick identification of copyright infringement.