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Anton/Bauer Batteries Excel in Today’s High-Powered Productions

Brant Fagan NEW YORK—I’ve worked on countless films, episodic television programs, commercials and occasional live event production. and I’ve witnessed much technological change and innovation—from the advent of digital cinematography to the rise of the tapeless workflow. What hasn’t changed is the importance of having reliable power gear backed up by top-notch customer support.

In several recent feature films and commercials I’ve worked on, I’ve used ARRI ALEXA digital cinema cameras with Codex RAW recorders. I power my Steadicam rig with Anton/Bauer’s HyTron 140s and use the company’s Dionic HC batteries to run my onboard cameras. If it weren’t for the Dionic HC, I wouldn’t be able to power this type of camera on a Steadicam rig and get the kind of dependability I need.

The Dionic HC really stands up to the demands of the power-hungry equipment that’s part of today’s production world. Thanks to its lithium-ion cells, it easily sustains a 10 amp draw and can operate a 40 Watt HD camera for more than two hours, which makes my job that much easier. I also feel more secure with the knowledge that the battery’s honeycomb design protects cells and minimizes damage should it be dropped. Its motion-detection feature is also great for extending life, and RealTime LCD feature allows me to see the fuel gauge and remaining run-time data simultaneously. And this lightweight battery makes it easier to shoot in remote locations.

I’ve also found that the HyTron 140 is great for powering my HD equipment and on-camera lighting systems. It lets us operate for many hours at remote production sites without limits or travel restrictions. The battery also provides an excellent counterbalance to offset the weight of a heavy lens, which really comes in handy when you’re lugging around a lot of gear for a production.

Anton/Bauer’s Cine VCLX batteries are also a regular part of my toolkit. I worked on two Nike commercials this year and the convenience and longevity of these batteries really came in handy. In producing one of these, we travelled across the United States following a long-distance couple who set out to run towards each other from opposite coasts until they met up. Our shoot involved 16-hour days in which we ran the camera, pre-amps, wireless equipment and monitors from Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX batteries. Our sources of outside power were very limited, requiring us to recharge the batteries from the electrical systems of our vehicles. Knowing that we’d be able to complete the day’s shooting without running out of power made the production troublefree and provided peace of mind.

Also providing peace of mind is Anton/ Bauer’s global customer support. They’ve helped me with great products, service and rock-solid personalized care through the years. They listen to my needs and answer with gear that gets the job done, no matter where I’m working. Anton/Bauer products are truly the gold standard.

Brant Fagan is a 20-year cinematography and camera work veteran. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Anton/Bauer at 203-929-1100