AKG debuts IVM 4500 IEM system at AES

At the recent AES show, AKG showed its new IVM 4500 IEM in-ear monitoring for the first time in the U.S. This new premium IEM wireless is designed to attain higher-level audio quality in the rugged and demanding world of touring sound.

IVM 4500 IEM offers diversity reception, with two antennas on its compact bodypack receiver. Its RF design includes high-end radio electronic signals and a manual radio signal attenuator. An enhanced frequency setup shows the number of free channels and supported TV channels, and AKG has also added new frequency bands. Battery life for the IVM receivers has been tested up to 10 hours.

Antenna diversity, with two matched antennas and a new reference radio electronic design contribute to the stable signals of the receiver, which boasts a high-end and powerful headphone amplifier, ultra linear frequency response and dual mode for individual mix. Monitor engineers will appreciate the system’s quick frequency change functions in critical situations.

Included in the IVM 4500 IEM system are: the SPR 4500 IEM diversity receiver, which automatically shows the number of free channels and supports TV channels with pre-programmed frequencies; the SST 4500 IEM transmitter, which is adjustable to 10mW, 20mW, 50mW and 100mW depending on country laws; and AKG’s IP 2 ear-channel headphones, providing excellent acoustics and low impedance. The optional SPC 4500 antenna combiner, the SRA 2 W directional antenna and the RA 4000 W omni-directional antenna complete this professional package.

“The AKG IVM 4500 IEM in-ear monitoring hardware sets a new standard in audio quality and radio performance as we continue to provide engineers with the best and highest functioning equipment available,” stated Wolfgang Fritz, AKG product marketing manager, tour sound. “With the launch of IVM 4500 IEM, AKG adds another wireless system to the continually growing arsenal of wireless systems on the market. It will truly be a groundbreaking system to the touring industry as the search for the ultimate monitoring sound continues.”