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AKG debuts digital wireless V2 hardware and software at InfoComm

Harman has launched AKG’s DMS700 V2 digital wireless microphone system. With 512-bit encryption, low 3.5ms latency and the new DPT700 bodypack, DMS700 V2 offers confidence in performance with a reliable, easy-to-use wireless component. DMS 700 V2 improves the link quality and increases the working range of the transmitters and receivers to allow for more freedom in arranging anything from lecture halls in universities to houses of worship; live performances on tour to broadcast operations.

Owners of the original DMS 700 wireless system can easily update their units through a software and hardware update. The free software update includes the 512-bit encryption, AES EBU output and 0.5ms improved latency, improved link quality and range improvements and output gain menu with a bar graph and ability to deactivate autolock. The hardware upgrade ups the latency analog output by 1ms, increases the DPT 700 microphone input gain 0, +10dB and +20dB, and increases headphone output level 24dB.