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Acrodyne to unveil complete ATSC mobile DTV system at NAB

Acrodyne will introduce several new products and systems, including a complete system for ATSC mobile DTV, digital on-channel repeaters and a universal XD exciter/driver system, at the NAB Show, April 20-23, in Las Vegas.

Acrodyne’s complete ATSC mobile DTV system provides all the components necessary at both the studio and transmitter to integrate ATSC mobile DTV transmission into any DTV broadcast facility.

The company’s new digital on-channel repeaters enhance service coverage by filling gaps to solve DTV coverage problems. Available in a range of power levels, the new repeaters offer low delay and robust echo cancellation. The DOCRs are well-suited for building low-cost single-frequency networks to enhance ATSC Mobile DTV reception.

Acrodyne also will roll out a universal XD exciter/driver system designed to convert existing analog IOT transmitters, regardless of original manufacturer, to digital service.