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3D 360-Degree Vuze Camera Now Available

DENVER—HumanEyes Technologies has announced it is now taking orders for the Vuze, its 3D 360-degree VR camera and software studio. The pre-order bundle includes the Vuze camera and software studio, VR headset, specifically designed “selfie-stick” and tripod, carrying case and newly designed handle.

The Vuze combines 3D and 2D capture technology using eight full HD cameras in a point-and-shoot form factor that generates 4K, 360 video. The systems Adaptive Blending stitching technology reportedly mimics how the human eye interacts with the brain to create the 360-degree picture. Using an algorithm, Vuze Studio can perform camera collaboration, vignette, fisheye and perspective correction, white balance and exposure correction, and stereo alignment, with a push of a button. The camera can be controlled by a dedicated iOS or Android app, and is available on both PC and Mac.

Pre-orders are now open at a price of $799. Shipping is expected to occur in the fall.