2G Digital Delivers with ADC Components

Some of the ADC Fiber Trays installed at 2G Digital's new 7,000 sq. foot, all-fiber post-production facility in Burbank, Calif.BURBANK, CALIF.
Earlier this year, 2G Digital Post unveiled a new all-fiber facility here, adding another powerful dimension to the company's editorial, encoding, VFX and mastering services that are already well established at our Culver City location.

Our clients are facing growing pressure to deliver content in new ways, and we're focused on keeping them ahead of the curve as demand evolves. Building the Burbank facility from the ground up and updating our Culver City plant have enabled us to proactively respond to a growing need.

The entertainment industry is migrating to file-based workflows that profoundly impact mastering and delivery requirements. To strategically support our customers, we needed secure data-centric services for transporting large digital files and to facilitate multiple deliveries and formats. Many studios, post-production and distribution companies don't have the benefit of telecom-like networking capabilities and have been forced to develop "work-around" processes, resulting in awkward, and sometimes, low-security workflows.

We had to become the next-generation solution for our customers, and turned to telecommunications experts to help us build 2G's bridge into the future of digital content delivery.

Consultant Sean Tajkowski, founder of The Tajkowski Group, led the transition and design for 2G's new data center-like infrastructure. Reliability, efficiency, and security were of paramount importance to us, and Tajkowski used "best practices" standards from the telecommunications industry to design a fiber-based infrastructure that satisfies 2G's specific networking requirements for connectivity to other segments of the distribution chain.

We needed more than bandwidth and good cable-management practices for fiber-optics. We also needed flexibility of scale and connectivity. After Tajkowski evaluated other vendors and noted ADC's dominance in the marketplace for telecoms and data centers, 2G approached ADC for a system that best addressed our requirements.


ADC provided the broad range of components that comprise our all-fiber infrastructure, including a hybrid fiber-optic and Category 6 Ethernet network. Their MVJ mid-size video jack panels allow us to switch and route HDTV signals, their TrueNet fiber panels and FiberGuide allow us to route and manage fiber connections, their Cat-6 products enable the use of copper-based Gigabit Ethernet, and ADC was even able to connect with our traditional broadcast equipment, providing a true end-to-end solution.

We also wanted a plug-and-play system; one that is based on connectors rather than splicing. This further strengthened our choice of ADC, as they have developed guidelines and are equipped with the necessary test gear to ensure that we would have zero problems and 100 percent uptime when we transitioned to the new facility.

ADC's fiber connectivity and cable-management solutions rely upon carrier-quality fiber cable. That provides us with an infrastructure that accommodates our workflow and frees us from the more-rigid copper cable infrastructure.

Our customers are the major studios, producers, and distributors in the industry, and the management and delivery of their assets is critically important. We are here to make those deliveries—no matter what form they take—as safe and easy as possible. As a result of deploying ADC's fiber systems in our facilities, 2G is positioned to do just that with an outstanding digital-distribution infrastructure.

Chuck Filliettaz is co-founder of 2G Digital Post and has served as CEO since its inception in 1993. He may be contacted atchuck@2gdigital.com.

For additional information, contact ADC at 800-366-3891 or visitwww.adc.com.