2016 Product Preview: Audio

The momentum behind IP network adoption, buoyed by the recent publication of the latest AES67 standard, has inspired a variety of added features or entirely new products at this year’s NAB Show. While there is relatively little advance news of products for immersive audio environments, there will likely be revelations on the show floor as broadcasters worldwide prepare for next-gen television and consumers begin to buy into the promise of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Solid State Logic’s System TAUDIO MIXERS
Solid State Logic
will debut System T, an environment comprising a range of Dante HC networked hardware and software control interfaces, supporting up to three consoles or control interfaces accessing a single or fully mirrored redundant pair of processor engines, each handling up to 3,072 inputs and outputs and 800 fully configurable processing paths.

lWaves’ eMotion LV1 software audio mixer delivers the convenience and speed needed in demanding live environments, offering high-end precision and reliable performance, be it mixing, recording, streaming etc., at an extremely cost effective package.

Wheatstone will introduce a new console design and new audio signal processing technology, in addition to showing its established TV audio product designs.

Audio Technology Switzerland’s
Nagra Seven recorder is now equipped with a 4G communication option for file transfer over the GSM network. The company will also introduce MIDI-C, a portable MIDI controller for channel mixing of the Nagra VI.

The ENCO AIM-100 Audio Insertion Manager monitors, prioritizes, and converts weather, sports updates, emergency alerts, and other text to audio for TV using a natural sounding Text-To-Speech converter for 21st CVAA compliance or other Text-To- Speech tasks.

is adding multichannel audio support alongside multiplatform video within its Vision cloud monitoring platform, offering more flexible and detailed audio bars, among other features.

TSL Products will launch the remotely web-addressable MPA product range in North America, featuring two models with MADI, SDI, AES3, and analogue connectivity plus support for Dante and Ravenna. Solo offers the ability to listen to any channel, while Mix enables the user to create a simple monitoring mix.

Ward-Beck is introducing the AMS2-N rack monitor, which offers AES67 networking and AES connectivity. The new 32ME-N 32-channel meter bridge supports 16 channels onto and 16 channels off of an AES67- capable network. Ward-Beck originally designed BIG VU’s comically large LED VU action meters for the 2015 NAB Show as an attention grabber but, due to popular demand, the design has been improved and they are now available to order.

Audio Technica’s ATH-M50xMG professional headphonesMONITOR SPEAKERS & HEADPHONES
ATH-M50xMG professional headphones are a new limited-edition matte gray version of the popular model featuring 45 mm large-aperture drivers, sound-isolating ear-cups, and robust construction.

Waves’ Nx is a virtual monitoring plugin that simulates the ideal acoustics of the sweet spot of a high-end professional mix room inside a pair of headphones.

will showcase four new networking interfaces, including an AES67/Ravenna interface, an AVB interface, and a modular I/O Dante card that also has AES67 compatibility. The company will also debut a SMPTE 2022-6 video interface.

Cobalt Digital will introduce its 9433 Series openGear fiber-optic audio embedder/de-embedder cards, available in a single-channel, unidirectional EO-to-OE configuration, and a dual-channel, bidirectional EO/OE transport solution.

Henry Engineering’s AES DigiSwitch 3x1 is a 3-input, 1-output switcher for AES digital audio that reportedly features zero delay and zero latency, is bit-accurate, and offers control via front panel push buttons or GPI interface. AES Digital DA 2x4 is a distribution system that supports two inputs (AES and S/ PDIF) and four AES outputs, all individually transformer-isolated, in an AC-powered unit.

Linear Acoustic AERO.10Linear Acoustic is adding a new 2+2+2+2+2 configuration to its AERO.10 processor lineup, which features the same engine as the AERO.100/1,000/2,000 in a cost-effective package for applications not requiring Dolby or Nielsen.

SAM's 3RU IP-Edge provides IP interfacing and control across the company’s portfolio, offering IP video and audio processing enabling conversion, loudness processing, proc-amp controls, track swapping or standard SAM media processing.

TSL Products says it will launch a new product line targeting VoIP at the show.

Ward-Beck's MLC8-N Multichannel Level Controller has been designed as an “on ramp” for analog and AES audio to an AES67 network, and includes tactile level/mute control. The flexible POD8A half rack space analog audio distribution amp may be used as a 1x16 mono DA, 2x8 Stereo DA, or an A+B mixing DA, and includes level controls on all inputs and outputs.

Lectronsonics’ HMa Digital Hybrid Wireless plug-on transmitterWIRELESS
will introduce its HMa Digital Hybrid Wireless plug-on transmitter, designed to match any microphone or line level source and includes a wide tuning range of 76 MHz in 100 kHz or 25 kHz steps for up to 3,072 frequencies.

Wisycom will debut its MTP41S pocket wireless transmitter, featuring an integrated hardware limiter with user-selectable noise-or voice-optimized companding, up to 232 MHz bandwidth in a 470/798 MHz range and 50mW output power. The company will also feature its new CSI16T smart passive wideband combiner, which communicates with Wisycom’s MTK952N transmitter through coaxial inputs, works up to 3W of power and allows smart power management.

will introduce v3.0 of its HelixNet 3.0 intercom platform, which increases the channel count of a standard 4-channel main station to 12 channels and is expandable to 24 channels via license purchase. The DX410 2.4 GHz digital wireless intercom system features two channels of 7 kHz wideband audio with upgraded radio technology for better transmission/reception, 2-wire/4-wire bridging, and 2-wire auto-nulling. The DX410 system also features a new lightweight and durable BP410 wireless beltpack and WH410 all-in-one wireless headsets. New LQ-R devices provide either four or eight ports per rack unit to extend or link any industry-standard 2- or 4-wire intercom and audio systems over LAN, WAN, or IP networks.

Eartec will highlight its UltraLITE full duplex wireless headsets, which include a compact radio installed inside the ear-cup and operate without rackmounted base station repeaters to provide hands-free voice communication.

Joseph Electronics will spotlight its Dante Booth System, which transports standard 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals along with Dante and is based on the popular Joseph Fiber Systems Booth Caddie system.

Radio Active Designs will showcase its new TX-8 wireless system antenna combiner. Able to be used on the transmit side of the UV-1G as well as with any UHF in-ear monitoring system, the TX-8 allows the connection of up to eight UHF transmitters to one antenna.

RTS’ DKP-4016 desktop intercom keypanelRTS Intercom Systems will showcase its DKP-4016 desktop intercom keypanel includes Omneo IP technology and Dante compatibility, 16-position multi-function lever keys and high-resolution color display, and is fully backwards compatible with all existing RTS matrices.

Linear Acoustic
is introducing the latest updates for its MT2000 multichannel bit-stream analyzer that simplifies use and improves signal display, as well as adding several new features.

Minnetonka Audio will feature its latest digital audio software solutions including the latest version of AudioTools Server, AudioTools CLOUD, SurCode Dolby Digital Plus for Avid, and SurCode Dolby E for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

NUGEN Audio will mark the NAB Show debut of its Halo Upmix, which automates the creation of a stereo-to-surround, downmix-compatible upmix with unique center channel management and spatial density controls. It’s available in Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats. NUGEN will also unveil its Stereo-to-9.1 option for Halo Upmix, which allows the introduction of vertical positioning into the upmix, generating a 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed track-compatible upmix.

Nugen Audio’s Loudness Management Batch ProcessorLOUDNESS
will release updates for ProRes, MXF and DynApt extensions for its Loudness Management Batch Processor, which include improved LRA correction speed for the DynApt Extension and wider file format support for the ProRes Extension. The developer will also demonstrate new Adobe Premiere integration for its LM-Correct 2 loudness quick-fix tool, enabling its loudness analysis and correction to be run from a simple panel within Adobe Premiere without leaving the editing environment.

Steve Harvey began writing for Pro Sound News and Surround Professional in 2000 and is currently senior content producer for Mix and a contributor to TV Tech. He has worked in the pro audio industry—as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing—since November 1980.