Studiotech to show latest DSNG/OB van with Evertz Dreamcatcher SloMo at IBC2013

Global systems specialist Studiotech will be at IBC this year, offering expertise, hospitality and a welcome to its customers, partners and friends.

It will be showing one of its latest Studiotech DSNG/OB vans, a Mercedes four-wheel-drive vehicle equipped with everything required for DSNG or OB use. On board will also be the new Evertz Dreamcatcher, the next generation of slow-motion replay technology providing a new approach to live production and sports broadcasting, working in 4K, 3G, HD and SD.

The stand will be hosted by staff from Studiotech Belgium, Poland and Hungary including Rudy Mécs (Belgium), Károly Orosz, Hungary, and Elwira Machowska, Poland. Refreshments will be on offer to all.

The OB /DSNG van on show is developed for today’s broadcast market, compact, rugged and outstandingly equipped with the latest digital equipment and technology.

The coachwork is 100 percent designed and built by the skilled team at Studiotech, with years of practical experience in building vehicle and systems that will give reliability from the depths of winter in Northern Europe to the heat of the deserts of Northern Africa.