Eyeheight to launch complianceSuiteFCX

At IBC, Eyeheight will debut complianceSuiteFCX, a complete plug-in legalizer, safe-area generator and graphic measurement toolset for the Apple Final Cut Pro X video production suite.

complianceSuiteFCS allows file-based workflows from concept to playout by enabling users to verify and conform their content prior to submission to any file-based quality control system, all from within their familiar Final Cut environment.

The legalizer is designed for use with high-end video source files used for broadcast content production. It supports any combination of file formats and source color-space available in final Cut Pro X. Capabilities include composite, RGB, RGB-plus-Y and simultaneous composite-plus-RGB legalizing, all with user-adjustable soft clipping at high and low thresholds.

High-precision color-space conversion allows accurate limiting to ensure gamut compliance while keeping the full gamut available for creative use. Eyeheight's proprietary clobbeRing nonlinear predictive filtering process further reduces visible luminance overshoots common on computer-generated or highly graded content and reduces the risk of content rejection.

For more information, visit Eyeheight at IBC stand 8.B97.