DPA Microphones to introduce HD microphones at IBC 2013

Since its beginning in 1992, DPA Microphones has been developing microphones that deliver HD sound covering the whole dynamic range.

Broadcast applications cover many situations and different miking possibilities, depending on requirements, taste and specifications. In the broadcast studio, the TV host may be close miked with a DPA lavalier miniature mic mounted on the chest, or perhaps the d:dicate mic on a goose neck mounted on the desktop. The journalist (the VJ) who interviews people in the field needs lightweight equipment because he has to record both the video and the sound at the same time. He would be miked with a DPA miniature or headset mic, while recording the interview with a d:facto mic.

In a full-blown TV talent show, the TV host could be wearing a d:fine headset microphone, while the singer sings into a d:facto vocal microphone, the band is reinforced with d:vote 4099 instrument microphones and d:dicate recording microphones, and the whole ambience is captured with the 5100 mobile surround microphones.