Wheatstone to debut Dimension Two audio control surface for television

At the 2013 NAB Show, Wheatstone will debut its Dimension Two audio control surface for television. Built on the proven Bridge Router platform, the unit accepts analog, AES, MADI and HD/SDI input signals, and it provides the ability to send any source or console bus to any audio network destination. As with its Dimension One predecessor, the Dimension Two offers:

• Up to 96 input channels on two pages (64 physical faders maximum).
• 16 stereo submixes.
• 16 stereo aux sends.
• 16 dedicated mix-minus busses plus up to 64 channel bus-minus (N-1) outputs.
• Two 5.1 surround master output busses.
• Two stereo master output busses.
• Full digital audio processing on all inputs and output busses (EQ, comp/limiter, expander/gate, hi/lo pass filters).
• Automatic microphone mixing (AutoMix).
• Audio-follow-video switching (AFV).
• Two programmable soft knobs per input — can be assigned any control function on the console.
• 12 fully programmable switches for implementing custom routing and switching functions.
• 99 show presets for complete recall of console set-ups.

New on the Dimension Two are large, high-resolution meterbridge displays. The new displays provide more information on metering, channel/bus assignments and programmable control functions in a larger, easier-to-read format.

Also new is an LKFS meter for loudness monitoring built into the overbridge display, and the ability to turn any fader into a master to easily control groups of inputs.