Appear TV exhibits multi-screen delivery solution at NAB 2013

Appear TV will showcase its Multi-screen solution for its modular headend architecture at the 2013 NAB show. The module streamlines the encoding and transcoding process, while offering an easily integrated and expandable architecture for streaming content for live applications such as sports broadcasts.

The fully integrated, hardware-based system is capable of simultaneously preparing multiple signals from any input source in any format for distribution to an HD television in the home, a high-resolution computer screen, and lower-resolution Web- and mobile-based profiles. The system accommodates different bit rates optimized for each destination device while maintaining a high QoS and exceptional reliability.

“Every second counts in live broadcasts, which is why our modules employ hardware encoding. It delivers the operational efficiency required by operators and the QoS expected by consumers,” says Carl Walter-Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “We feel the performance advantages of employing dedicated video processing silicon over CPU processors will make a significant improvement in video quality in a real-time multi-screen environment.”

The module uses the latest-generation encoding and transcoding technology to solve the challenges of transcoding large numbers of services more efficiently and at a higher quality level over software-based platforms. It is part of the company’s modular chassis concept, designed to help broadcasters migrate from current systems to an integrated, scalable and fully featured multi-screen solution.

For more information, visit Appear TV at NAB booth SU7605.