Mobile TV Tracker app televised for iPad/iPhone ready for prime time

Looking for an app to track your favorite TV shows? Icelantern’s Televised could be just the solution you are looking for.

The new iOS app for Apple iPad and iPhone lets you choose your favorite shows to follow and alerts you to when the next showing will be. The very visual interface in vibrant and inviting, but drilling down can get you even more information. Wondering what Two Broke Girls are up to? Wonder no more.

The program supports local as well as international programming since it pulls a lot of its data from The weekly shows appear as a series of posters you can scan through, and you can view when a show is airing in your time zone. There are episode summaries as well as episode specific additional information. Need to catch up on Dexter or Mad Men or Revolution? The app will be your guide on all your favorite shows. You can also adjust the app to set up notifications for the shows you follow and you can mark episodes as watched within the app and track what you are watching on a weekly basis. The app allows you to share and comment on episodes, so you can add your opinion and let the world know what you think. 

As opposed to a database of info on past shows, the app is more poised for the future, and is focused on what is coming up, what to watch, and tracking what you want to view. It is handy for setting up notifications to alert you on upcoming shows and the descriptions and info are rich in detail and work well for getting quick and detailed info. Unlike similar apps, this one is not free but is just a couple bucks in the iTunes store. But, if you want to follow and track your favorite TV shows via your mobile device, its a safe bet that Televised will help you catch up and stay caught up.