Miso Quips Works to Bring Social TV to Mobile

Now this is a bit different, what would it be like to share specific moments from your favorite TV shows with your friends? The company Miso has created a new app and service called Quips that lets you share your TV memories is a new and exciting way. 

When you download and then run the app, it asks you what shows you would be most interested in and may want to follow. Think of the shows as sort of a visual Twitter feed. You can pick and choose what you like best. You can then see example images and captions from the shows you are most interested in. You can focus on specific moments and then tag them with a caption, and then of course share them. The goal is to tap into a more personal angle than some basic TV mobile check-in solutions that have been springing up. People tend to remember specific moments from their favorite shows and the service is dedicated to keeping those moments alive. 

Miso has a pretty wide collection of more than 500 shows and has amassed a collection of more than 150,000 separate images highlighting specific moments. Users don’t have to hold their phones steady and grab pics off their big screen, Miso provides them, all you need to do is tag them. The company has raised some nice capital, more than $6million in the past few years by players such as Khosla Ventures, so its 2nd-screen option for viewers should have a running start to engage consumers on mobile. Quips is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android and also via the Web.