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Belgium telecom operator selects Witbe QoE monitoring solution

Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring solutions provider Witbe announced during IBC2012 that Belgacom, the incumbent telecom operator in Belgium, has deployed its Multiscreen Quality Manager solution to ensure subscribers enjoy the best quality of experience when watching TV on any device.

The Witbe platform is using the Belgacom TV service like users do. It is connected to Belgacom set-top boxes in several cities in Belgium. It also logs on Belgacom's TV Everywhere portal via Web browsers and uses Belgacom's TV Everywhere app for iOS and Android to "watch" live TV and order on-demand content all day long, every day, across all devices.

Belgacom engineers, marketers and managers have access to analytic dashboards reporting KPIs (Key Progress Indicators) such as channel change time, video streams quality, portal responsiveness, delay in launching the app and logging into the portal and success ratio when buying on-demand content. KPIs are available per device type and geographic location, enabling management to focus on troubleshooting actions and measure the impact of infrastructure investments on the quality delivered.