TeamCast unveils new software for RQX-1410 QoS probe

TeamCast introduced the new S120 software release for the RQX-1410, an OEM QoS measurement probe for the DVB-T2 and DVB-T market.

With more than 45 countries that have adopted the DVB-T2 standard since its release in 2009, the rapid worldwide adoption of this technology is growing. In delivering HDTV services, broadcasters and network operators are expressing the need for advanced features to efficiently monitor their network to track/anticipate transmission failures, maximizing their viewers’ service experience.

This new version of the RQX-1410 QoS probe provides users with two essential features: MER per carrier and the SFN drift monitoring.

With these two new functions, TeamCast increases the added-value of its QoS probe and provides the market with a comprehensive “Swiss Army knife” capable for RF signal monitoring.