New Clear-Com Eclipse HX delivers faster performance, simplified operation

Clear-Com unveiled the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Systems and Eclipse HX (EHX) Configuration Softwareat IBC2012. The matrix intercoms offer faster performance, simplified operations and administration and higher system capacity.

What sets Eclipse HX apart from the original Eclipse line are improvements in the software architecture, user interface and system capacity. The EHX software, designed for faster processing of configuration and routing cards, offers:

  • a new Matrix Ports and Cards screen for a more efficient setup process;
  • a new Resource Chart to display utilization level of system resources; and
  • an improved user-panel setup for easy drag-and-drop operation.

The Eclipse HX systems, consisting of the Eclipse HX-Omega, Eclipse HX-Median and Eclipse HX-PiCo, as well as the EHX software, are based on the original Eclipse digital matrix platform. All retain the legacy platform’s integration capabilities..

Clear-Com’s V-Series panels, frame cards and interfaces are compatible with the new Eclipse HX range.