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Pilat Media Unveils IBMS Rights — Comprehensive Rights Management System for Linear and On-Demand Multiplatform Content

New IBMS Configuration Enables Broadcasters to Maximize Content Revenues While Staying in Contractual and Regulatory Compliance

NEW YORK — March 23, 2010 — Pilat Media, the leading supplier of business management software to the media industry, today announced the launch of IBMS Rights™ — the latest addition to the company's Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) product suite.

IBMS Rights is a standalone system that enables centralized rights management for any broadcast content, spanning the entire broadcast operation across multiple platforms and third-party systems. With IBMS Rights, broadcasters can centrally log and manage consumption and distribution rights for all acquired or produced content, both long and short form, across both linear conventional TV and non-linear online and new media services. The complete integration of scheduling and rights in one system leads to improved operational efficiency because a deal with its defined rights is entered only once and then exploited by all linear and on-demand scheduling activities, with distribution licenses feeding off that same set of deal rights. This also facilitates content planning activities such as revenue projections and long-term planning.

"The growth of new media content delivery platforms such as IPTV, mobile TV, and the Internet as well as the increasing popularity of on-demand services is providing enormous new opportunities for broadcasters — but it's also adding complexity to the challenge of managing content rights. Likewise, the broadcasting environment has become more complex, with operations spanning many different platforms and systems," said Geoff Hutton, chief functional architect, Pilat Media. "With IBMS Rights, we're drawing on more than 10 years of business management experience to help broadcasters maximize their revenue potential for all content — whether licensed from content providers or produced in house — while at the same time ensuring compliance with all contractual and regulatory obligations."

IBMS Rights offers a complete set of services for managing the entire asset lifecycle from production through distribution of content, with tools for contract and deal management, program finance, and distribution licensing. The IBMS Rights repository provides a single, central location for recording consumption, usage, and distribution rights for any type of content — from movies and series to footage and clips — plus associated assets. Likewise, the system provides a central point for querying rights availability against any type of acquired or produced content, allowing a broadcaster to fully exploit all licensed or owned rights on any platform either by broadcasting that content or by licensing it to third parties.

IBMS Rights can operate in standalone mode, or it can be added to existing IBMS-managed broadcasting environments; in this case, pre-existing deals and rights will be automatically recognized and preserved. The system's comprehensive application programming interface (API) enables integration with third-party systems such as linear and non-linear scheduling, media asset management, and sales/traffic. IBMS Rights validates content usage within those discrete systems and tracks usage across all platforms as well as distribution to the third-party systems.

In addition, the core IBMS Rights system can be augmented with commissioning and in-house production management features as well as comprehensive sub-licensing. For example, with the system's project tracking features, a user can configure, define, and track an unlimited number of milestones across the entire project lifecycle and link those milestones to contractual payments. IBMS Rights also provides the ability to record and track investments from an unlimited number of funding bodies and to manage the recoupment and disbursement of revenue from licensing commissions or royalties earned.

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