More Businesses Consider Streaming Video to Promote Their Products, Services, and Brand

New York: March 28, 2008--Bob Lipp opened his first ad agency when mechanical artists where still cutting up pieces of type to create a camera-ready ad.

“It seems like a former lifetime,” said Bob, when asked to remember the way it was. “Today, everything is digital, and with streaming video capabilities expanding on the web, more businesses, business magazine publishers, and trade show managers, are looking to video to deliver the message.”

Of course boring video, even over the web, is still boring, especially when the objective is to sell something. With that in mind Bob and his team considered the best environment for businesses to tell their story in video, and the answer was simple: trade shows.

“Trade shows are exciting and more importantly, they‘re often high energy. The company‘s products are usually well-displayed among some impressive graphics, the sales people are at their best, and booth attendees make for an entertaining video,” adds Bob. “Plus we don‘t just point the camera in the direction of the booth; we make news-style videos, with professional reporters who create enthusiasm, and great production value.

The Trade Show News Television ( concept has attracted the interest of trade show managers looking to enhance value at their show, online publishers who want to distribute the unique video content, and of course exhibitors themselves.

“More than ever, business customers and prospects access their information online through streaming video,” stated Lipp. “Our concept gives trade show exhibitors a unique sales tool that continues to support sales long after the trade show has ended.”

Streaming video from Trade Show News Television lets exhibitors reach decision-makers who might not be able to attend their exhibit; attendees who may not have heard the complete sales message; and customers who'll use the online video to clarify their buying decisions.

“Trade Shows are all about providing attendees with an opportunity to see what you have to offer and why it makes sense for them to do business with your company,” says Lipp. “It's a dynamic opportunity for exhibitors to interact with current and potential customers, as well as strengthen ties within their selling network,” said Lipp. “However, once it's over, it's just a memory, unless Trade Show Television News is there to capture the event.”

Trade Show News Television offers three streaming video packages: focus, reach and custom, each based on the need for content, distribution and additional marketing support.

To learn more about Trade Show News Television visit our site at , email Bob at or call 516-829-0406.