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NETIA Radio-Assist™ Now Supports 5.1 and 7.1 Audio From Acquisition Through to Broadcast

CLARET, France -- Aug. 28, 2007 -- NETIA today announced that its Radio-Assist™ 7.5 range of digital audio software programs now supports both 5.1 and 7.1 multichannel audio from acquisition through to broadcast. With this latest enhancement to Radio-Assist, users can record an input containing up to 5+1 or 7+1 channels, edit that content using NETIA‘s Snippet tool, and broadcast finished media through the Air-Cartstack application included in Radio-Assist 7.5.

“We incorporated 5.1 and 7.1 audio support into Radio-Assist to enable radio broadcasters to increase the quality of their audio product while maintaining the efficient, streamlined workflow made possible through our digital audio software suite,” said Xavier De Vynck, NETIA vice president of business development. “As the radio broadcasting industry continues to evolve, new and existing NETIA customers can count on Radio-Assist to support and simplify operations from start to finish.”

Radio-Assist 7.5 allows production staff to record, edit, or prepare playlists while working within a single application. The software suite features tools for acquisition, sound-file editing, commercial and music production, newsroom systems, scheduling, multicasting, administration, and more, and it adapts readily to the requirements of individual radio facilities or radio groups, integrating rapidly into existing environments.

In addition to multichannel audio support, a number of newly incorporated features enrich flexible handling of media within production and playout processes. These features include integration of NETIA‘s U-Share network management system, which automates the exchange of content over to the latest transmission platforms to simplify the distribution of audio content from one site to multiple destinations. A new Feed-In IP mode supports daily scheduling of automatic recordings of external programs, and custom Axia IP-Audio networking components are available bundled with the NETIA software to enable delivery of studio-grade audio directly from an audio workstation running Windows® to an Axia audio network.

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NETIA is a leading provider of software solutions for managing and broadcasting television and radio content. The company's four product ranges, Radio-Assist™ (audio), Manreo™ (video), OpenNet (audio and video), and Media Logging™ (audio and video), allow content holders to manage all of their processes -- from capture to multichannel broadcasting -- over terrestrial channels, the Internet, mobile devices, and other channels. NETIA's products are used worldwide in more than 40 countries by more than 200 prestigious customers, including RFI, Radio France, BBC, BSkyB, ABC, TF1, Canal+, RAI, Radio Vaticana, HRT, SRTC, RTM, VOV, MOI South Africa, Mediacorp, RTBF, SBS, RTL, FR3, Minnesota Public Radio, and many others. NETIA has its headquarters in the south of France, with offices in New Jersey, Paris, and Rome.