PARIS, NOVEMBER 8, 2011—At this year’s SATIS, Anton/Bauer® (Stand D29), a brand of The Vitec Group, and a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, will demonstrate the company’s latest power solutions for broadcast and film professionals.

During SATIS (The Show for Audiovisual Technologies and Solutions), from November 8 – 13, Anton/Bauer representatives will be on site to help introduce the company’s latest power solutions for individual production needs, including:

The MATRIX Cheese Plate – A new mounting plate that can be used with the company’s Gold Mount® Solutions. Anton/Bauer’s Gold Mount solutions create the most secure battery connection in the industry, providing seamless power and future compatibility. The MATRIX Cheese Plate mounts directly on 15-mm or 19-mm rod systems, to allow for easy mounting on a variety of cameras including:

o Sony F3 - QRC-DUAL PT Gold Mount with four-pin XLR and two PowerTap® outputs. Also mounts directly to the AJA Ki Pro Mini.

o Canon 5D, 7D and 60D - QR-DSLR 7/14 Gold Mount. Provides 7.2v power to the camera via the Canon DR-E6 Coupler and 14.4v power via the PowerTap for accessories such as the Ultralight2, on-board monitors and external hard drives. Offering excellent counter balance, the QR-DSLR can mount to most third-party support rigs, such as Redrock Genus, Micro, Zacuto, Cinevate and others.

o RED EPIC - QRC-EPIC Gold Mount. Features three outputs—a hard-wired cabled six-pin LEMO connector for power as well as two PowerTap® connectors for accessories.

o Panasonic AG-AF100 - QR-VBG 7/14 Gold Mount adapter.

o Sony NEX-FS-100 - FGM-S – 7/14 Gold Mount.

Tandem® 150 Modular Power System – The smallest and lightest charger and on-camera power supply available on the market, the Tandem 150 provides ultimate flexibility for shoots in isolated areas, offering two unique methods of charging for any Logic Series® battery. Crews working out of their cars can simply use the CA-TMCL, the smallest portable car charger on the market, with their dependable vehicle AC power outlet. The CA-TMCL does not require an inverter. The battery simply snaps on the QR-TM bracket, which plugs into the vehicle’s power outlet. In addition, for productions where sunlight is available, crews can charge batteries with the award-winning Anton/Bauer Solar Panel. When operated from the AC mains at 100 to 240 volts AC or 50 to 60 Hz, the Tandem 150 (via the QR-TM bracket and PSU-150 power supply) is a fully automatic system that can simultaneously charge a battery and power a camera. If a 75-watt draw is exceeded, the system will automatically stop charging and perform solely as a 150-watt power supply. The Tandem 150 is also the only on-camera A/C power supply over 100 watts without a fan. When the load is reduced below 75 watts, the QR-TM instantly resumes normal operation, as a simultaneous charger/power supply system.

CINE VCLX Batteries – The CINE power system provides ultimate power performance, extended run times and flexibility. Ideal for remote locations, the CINE VCLX batteries are powerful enough to run an ARRI ALEXA for more than four hours. The safe and high power-draw performance of the nickel-metal hydride cell technology can also power microwaves, recorders, and lighting, including HMI’s and Litepanels’ 1x1 LED panels. The CINE VCLX includes (2) 4-pin XLR for 14.4V and (1) 3-pin XLR for 28V and provides dual simultaneous outputs (20 amps at 14.4V; 12 amps at 28V).

“One of the keys to our success has been the long-term, collaborative relationships we have with premium cell manufacturers and leading camera manufacturers to help us develop seamless power solutions for users,” says Shin Minowa, vice president of marketing and business development, Anton/Bauer. “Attendees at SATIS will soon discover how versatile and powerful each of these solutions are and how easily Anton/Bauer can become a reliable part of their production team.”

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About Anton/Bauer Anton/Bauer is recognized as the world’s innovator and a premier provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other key mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries. Based in the United States in Shelton, CT with offices in Europe and Asia, Anton/Bauer was established in 1970 and has expanded its product offerings to include many signature lines such as its leading Gold Mount® system, InterActive® chargers and Logic Series® batteries such as the HyTRON® 50, 100 and 140, and DIONIC® 90, 160, HC and HCX. Their products are compatible with virtually every camera brand on the market today. Other Anton/Bauer high performance products include the Ultralight®, ElipZ®, ElightZ®, CINE VCLX and CINE VCLX/2. Their superior-quality products have become an industry standard. For more information on Anton/Bauer, visit

A Snapshot of The Vitec Group Vitec is an international Group principally serving customers in the broadcast, photographic and military, aerospace and government (MAG) markets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2010 revenue of £309 million, Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers worldwide rely. Vitec is organized in three divisions: Imaging & Staging, Videocom and Services. Imaging & Staging designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and accessories for photography, video and events. Videocom designs and distributes systems and products used in broadcasting and live entertainment, film and video production and MAG. Services provides equipment rental, workflow design and technical support for camera, video, audio, fiber optic and wireless technology used by TV production teams and film crews. More information can be found at