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Omneon MediaDeck™ GX Offers Complete, World-Class Channel-Playout Functionality With Choice of Automation

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — March 26, 2009 — Omneon Inc. today announced the release of MediaDeck™ GX, a complete channel-playout solution that combines proven video server playout, world-class graphics, and advanced audio processing, all of which operate under the control of the user's preferred automation system. Offering rich branding and master control functionality, MediaDeck GX makes it easier and more affordable for broadcasters to launch new services or to make incremental additions to their existing channel lineup.

"In extending the MediaDeck system to include leading real-time graphics and branding technology, we offer customers a powerful video processing platform that simplifies workflows and speeds deployment of channel chains," said Geoff Stedman, Omneon senior vice president for products and markets. "Unlike other single-box playout systems that tie users to an embedded automation system, MediaDeck GX delivers best-of-breed performance across playout, graphics, and audio processing while giving users the flexibility to choose the automation system that best meets their business and operational requirements."

MediaDeck GX seamlessly unites three key components of a typical channel chain: the proven MediaDeck transmission platform from Omneon, a leading branding and master control module, and template-based graphics software. When deployed in a customer's environment, MediaDeck GX will operate under the control of the broadcaster's choice of automation software. The Omneon MediaDeck is a broadcast-quality video server designed specifically for broadcasters who need a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy playout platform.

The MediaDeck GX system plays out stored stills and animations while enabling mixing and playout of voiceovers, promos, and stingers, with optional encoding and decoding of AC-3 and Dolby® E audio. Also among the system's branding and master control capabilities are wipes, fades, pushes, and other transitions typical of presentation mixers, as well as dual DVEs for squeezeback and other DVE effects.

The channel-playout system accepts data feeds from XML, VANC, and serial sources to enable creation of data-driven graphics including tickers, ratings slides, and EAS alerts. By reading VBI/VANC metadata, MediaDeck GX also can update AFD information and apply templates based on the active picture or V-Chip data. Template creation, management, and preview software simplifies usage while introducing a greater degree of accuracy and sophistication. The MediaDeck GX can be configured and monitored via the Omneon SystemManager Web-based interface.

More information about the Omneon MediaDeck GX and the company's products is available at

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About Omneon

Omneon Inc. is a leading provider of scalable media server and active storage systems that optimize workflow productivity and on-air reliability for the production, distribution, and management of digital media. Omneon is a pioneer in the use of advanced IT technologies and open systems for broadcast applications, producing a modular and expandable video server architecture in the Omneon Spectrum. The company's MediaGrid active storage system delivers centralized content storage that is scalable in capacity, bandwidth, and media-processing power. The company has an extensive global presence with customers in more than 50 countries on six continents. Omneon is on the Web at