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New production capabilities elevate EditShare Flow to a new level of asset management; Edit-While-Capture turbo-charges production while Bandwidth-controlled File-based Ingest provides maximum network control for administrators

AMSTERDAM – September 10, 2010 -EditShare®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, is pleased to announce the availability of Flow 2.0, its asset management solution for building collaborative end-to-end media production workflows. On display at the IBC exhibition (stand 7.E20), the new high value features of Flow 2.0 include: Edit-While-Capture, scanning non-Flow ingested media, bandwidth-controlled file-based ingest of XDCAM and P2 media, support for new codecs, sequence creation and pre-editing with drag and drop into NLEs, and integration with the EditShare backup and archiving solution, Ark.

“Flow removes the complexities of content and metadata management in production environments large and small, allowing you to be way more efficient and creative,” says Andy Liebman, founder and CEO, EditShare. “In addition to tagging and tracking every piece of media that goes through your organization – as it travels from real-time storage to Ark backup and archiving devices - Flow 2.0 provides innovative tools that augment any production workflow. From custom logging templates for reality shows and sports, to Shared Projects, Bins and Sequences; with Flow 2.0,” adds Liebman, “you can always find the media you're looking for and have it when you need it.”

Highlights of the New Flow 2.0

– Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Productivity from Ingest to Archive


In addition to the current “chunking” feature, Avid® and QuickTime® users can now ingest with Flow and begin editing on their NLE timeline within seconds. Clips expand in the background while you continue to edit.

•Bandwidth-Controlled File-Based Ingest

Flow 2.0 introduces bandwidth-controlled file-based ingest, with support for P2, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD formats. Users can maintain video in its native codec or transcode to a different codec - while simultaneously generating proxy files during ingest. In addition, administrators can control the aggregate bandwidth of transfers to ensure that neither the network nor storage will be overwhelmed during multiple, simultaneous file-based ingests.

•Format Support

Flow now supports the P2, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD formats for both file-based ingest and HD/SD-SDI ingest.

•Ganged Capture

Ingest multiple channels in sync with the click of a button. Metadata is automatically populated across all channels to provide fast workflows, which is ideal for reality or sports environments.

•Batch Capture and Scheduled Ingest Imports from Templates

Schedule your ingests with a simple template that can be imported directly into Flow. The new templates support batch capture with multiple tapes or scheduled live ingests - including to multiple codecs.

•Flow Scan Options

Flow 2.0 adds manual or scheduled scanning of non-Flow media stored on EditShare shared storage systems. Flow then adds the scanned clips into the Flow database, while making low-res proxy files in the background.

•Bins and Sequences

Flow Browse users can now create Projects, Bins, and Sequences for pre-editing and shot selection. Sequences can be edited and trimmed, and dragged directly into Avid or FCP.

•Flow Logger Enhancements

Custom logging templates with pre-defined metadata can be created to provide an intuitive logging interface. Flow Logger supports logging of live feeds or existing media files.

• Ark Integration

Search and browse all archived content, whether it exists on disk or tape. Proxy files allow users to work with content and then retrieve the original files for use with an NLE.

About the EditShare Flow Product Line

EditShare Flow consists of Flow Ingest, Flow Browse, Flow Logger, and Flow Scan.

Flow Ingest supports an extensive range of codecs and wrappers, including Avid MXF® and Apple® QuickTime® formats. Flow’s ability to encode simultaneously in 2 high-resolution formats and a proxy eliminates the need for background transcoding and proxy generation after capture.

Flow Browse is a cross-platform application that gives users access to all content stored on their EditShare shared storage and Ark systems. With intuitive organizational features, such as Bins and Sequences, assistants or editors can pre-edit material before they even reach the edit bay. Clips and sequences can be dragged from Flow Browse directly into a bin within the NLE, providing a fast and intuitive means of managing large amounts of data.

The new Flow Logger application offers customizable templates with pre-defined metadata fields that are ideal for productions, such as reality TV and live sporting events. Customized metadata fields, such as names of contestants, sports players, or predefined content to describe actions and story lines, provide an intuitive interface for logging either live feeds or existing media files.

The new Flow Scan application adds media files that have not been captured with Flow Ingest into the Flow database, while also creating low-res proxy files. Within seconds after capturing media with an NLE, users can view and browse the media in Flow Browse.

EditShare Flow – Advanced Media Asset Management Highlights:

• Universal Media File Support

EditShare Universal Media File provides a single file format that can be used by a wide range of editors and compositors, including Avid and Final Cut Pro.

• Exclusive Integration with Automatic Duck

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Automatic Duck, when you work with Universal Media Files, you can translate sequences back and forth between Avid and Final Cut Pro, and all of your media will simply link up – no transcoding, duplicating, or re-rendering required.

• Multi-Channel Capture

Each Flow Ingest Server can capture up to two channels of HD-SDI or four channels of SD-SDI, and the number of ingest channels can easily be scaled up at any time by adding more Ingest Server chassis.

• Multi-Format Support

○ Input from each HD/SD-SDI channel can be saved in up to two formats, plus a low- res proxy, simultaneously.

• Centralized Ingest

One location for all media input. No tying up an edit bay. Ingest material straight to your EditShare Media Space.

• Customizable Logging Templates

Configurable Flow Logger templates standardize content logging, providing a fast and intuitive workflow - ideal for fast-paced reality shows and sports events.

• Search and Access all Your Media Assets

With its powerful search engine, Flow Browse allows you to see all of the material stored on your EditShare shared storage or Ark servers without tying up an edit bay.

• Metadata Management

Display and edit clip metadata, including customizable fields.

• Shot Selections

Set in and out points of a clip outside the editing application, organizing them into Bins or Sequences, which can then be directly dragged to an NLE.

• Sub-clip Creation & Drag and Drop

Break long clips into smaller sub clips; drag and drop media directly into Avid and Final Cut Pro bins.

EditShare will be exhibiting the new Flow 2.0 solution at the 2010 IBC Exhibition on stand 7.E20. A press briefing will be held at the stand on Sunday, September 12th, from 16:00 to 16:30. Press can download image resources at

http://www.editshare.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=144 &Itemid=198

About EditShare Complete Collaboration Products

EditShare’s Storage Series and XStream Series shared storage solutions enable editors and compositors to easily and economically share media and work collaboratively, regardless of the platform or application. Users connected to an EditShare network can seamlessly access in real-time a common pool of media files. Source material, work in progress, and finished packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare network. The rules-driven workflow ensures that no data is ever overwritten or accidentally destroyed.

EditShare Flow, Lightworks, Geevs, and Ark bookend the shared production storage workflows with advanced asset management, editing, and distribution capabilities. The integrated solutions provide a highly scalable, end-to-end media management workflow.

About EditShare LLC

EditShare LLC is the pioneer of a new category of collaborative editing solutions designed for digital media workgroups and production companies. The EditShare system fuels the collaborative creative process for digital media artists by delivering high quality, high-performance, and cost-effective networked collaborative editing solutions. For more information, please visit www.editshare.com.

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