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Interface Media Group Adds Multi-format Flexibility with Sony MVS-6000 Switcher

PARK RIDGE, N.J., July 28, 2009 – Interface Media Group (IMG), a full-service production and post production house in Washington, D.C., has increased its ability to handle any project – especially the increasing amount of live high-definition work – by adding Sony’s new MVS-6000 production switcher to its line-up.

“Our goal was to add a live switched studio component to the HD work we were already doing,” said Jeff Weingarten, president of IMG. “This is the final piece we needed to be fully capable of doing HD live or live-to-tape work out of our stages.”

Weingarten estimated that about 70 percent of the company’s work is HD, but “there hadn’t really been a demand for live HD until recently – and it’s coming on strong.”

At the heart of the MVS-6000 switcher is Sony’s new “System on a Chip” image processor. This technology embeds a keyer component and DME processing within the switcher’s CPU, and enables multi-format switching, multiple key channels, transitions and DME functions to be carried out on one chip. This efficiency allows for a compact design, high-speed effect processing, and low-power consumption, all at an affordable price.

“What we liked about this switcher is that it delivers much of the functionality and performance of Sony’s 8000 series in a compact size,” he said. “For example, we’re getting 10 keyers and six channels of DVE in a much more efficient frame. This new switcher delivers all the firepower we need, at the right combination of price and performance.”

The new multi-format MVS-6000 switcher inherits many of the capabilities and features of Sony’s flagship MVS-8000G, but packages them in a small and efficient design. It is expandable with up to 49 inputs, provides powerful internal effects capability, and is available in configurations up to 2.5ME.

Weingarten added that the “flexi-pad” ability on the optional pre-configured MVS-6000 control panel saves space by combining modules while helping technical directors easily perform multiple functions like quickly recalling snapshot settings.

“Interface Media Group is a perfect example of a company leading the way in the HD transition,” said Chris Marchitelli, senior marketing manager for live production systems at Sony Electronics. “They’re known for their creative staff and now, with this upgrade, IMG has seriously upped the range and quality of HD studio production available in Washington, D.C.”

Located in 30,000 square feet of space in the heart of Washington’s “Golden Triangle” district, IMG provides graphics design and animation, digital editing and compositing, sound design, audio recording and mixing, studio production, field production, color enhancement, tape duplication, standards and format conversions, radio and TV spot distribution, subtitling, captioning and audio descriptive services, new media authoring, compression and streaming.