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Company Overview

Linear Acoustic(R) is the leading authority in television audio control from production to transmission. A member of the Telos Alliance(TM), the company designs and manufactures the AERO(TM) range of real-time and file-based loudness managers, UPMAX(R) upmixing and downmixing solutions, and the LQ(TM) series of loudness metering products. The company also licenses and OEMs key technologies to premier manufacturers. The company is actively involved in standards and practices creation as a member of the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) and as a sustaining member of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). Linear Acoustic provided its upmixing products and technical services for NBC's coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games and will return for the London 2012 games. Linear Acoustic is the recipient of a 62nd Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy(R) Award. More information is available at and

Linear Acoustic at BroadcastAsia 2012

This year, Linear Acoustic celebrates 10 years of DTV sound science innovations in the broadcast industry. While television broadcasters are fixated on compliance, the company continues to focus on the very thing that has become synonymous with its name: quality audio.

The solutions that make up the Linear Acoustic family of metering and loudness control products are ideal for broadcasters who want to ensure compliance, but recognize the need to do so without compromising audio quality.

Compliance + Quality = Happy Viewers

In addition to the current AERO.air(R) and Transmission Audio Loudness Managers, the LQ-1000 Loudness Quality Monitor, and LAMBDA Digital Audio and Metadata Monitor, Linear Acoustic is proud to introduce several brand-new additions to its product lineup this year.

The AERO.lite(TM) Transmission Audio Loudness Manager is designed specifically for two-channel (stereo only) applications, while the high-density AERO.1000(TM) Audio/Loudness Platform offers up to eight individual processing cores, each is available with Dolby(R) encoding and decoding in a 1RU package. The LQ-1(TM) Loudness Meter offers streamlined metering with Dolby Dialogue Intelligence(TM).

AERO.lite(TM) Stereo Loudness Controller

AERO.lite(TM) delivers cost-effective two-channel loudness control in a simple, set-and-forget, feature-rich 1RU package. Like all Linear Acoustic processors, AERO.lite applies preset-driven loudness and dynamic range control using adaptive, look-ahead wideband and/or multiband algorithms. HD/SD-SDI, AES, and Analog I/O are standard. A built-in ITU-R BS.1770 meter, external backup power supply, and SNMP are optional.

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AERO.1000(TM) Audio/Loudness Platform

AERO.1000(TM) is the direct result of the technology that garnered Linear Acoustic a Technical and Engineering Emmy(R) Award in 2011. This high-density platform enables a "pay-as-you-go" approach, providing up to eight 5.1+2+2 AEROMAX(R) audio engines including UPMAX(R) upmixing and downmixing, along with up to eight Dolby(R) encoders and decoders, and Nielsen Watermark encoding, all in a 1RU package. 3GHz HD/SD-SDI with compensating video delay, AES, stereo analog I/O, and dual power supplies are standard, with available DVB-ASI I/O for up to 4 PIDs. AERO.1000 is also the first product to feature Linear Acoustic CARBON(TM) Hybrid Processing technology, which provides a patent-pending combination of single-ended multiband processing and reversible metadata control of dynamic range to preserve content quality.

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LQ-1(TM) Loudness Meter

LQ-1(TM) is the perfect streamlined loudness meter. All of the I/O, routing, decoding, and metadata tools needed to accurately measure loudness are present in a compact, 1RU package. The LQ-1 provides ITU-R BS.1770-compliant metering with Dolby(R) Dialogue Intelligence(TM) and displays input signal levels, dialnorm target, and measured loudness at all times. Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, MPEG 1, and Layer II decoding are standard features. The LQ-1 provides HD/SD-SDI, AES, and stereo analog I/O plus a front-panel headphone output, two-channel downmix, GPI/O for alarms and control, and an Ethernet port for logging and status. DVB-ASI input, backup power supply, and SNMP are available options.

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