Middle Atlantic Desk Systems Offer Versatility, Comfort & Ease Of Installation

Fairfield, NJ––The new Post and Control Room Desk Systems from Middle Atlantic Products are designed with the flexibility to operate efficiently in a range of Broadcast and Post-Production settings while providing significantly enhanced comfort and usability for system operators.

For added versatility, the new Desk Systems feature highly adjustable optional monitor supports for up to six screens per desk that allow placement of monitors at different heights to suit individual operators or line of sight beyond the desk. Flexible configurations allow linked multi-desk applications and easy setup for straight, curved and even serpentine layouts. Repositioned cable entry points on the desk surface provide improved cable management with added routing options from desk to monitors and uncluttered control surfaces.

New Desk System design enhancements include ergonomically contoured edges for desktops and keyboard shelves to allow greater operator comfort and efficiency. Desk surface heights have been raised to 30” to accommodate all sizes of users while keyboard support ergonomics and range of adjustments have also been improved. Other adjustable options include a range of task lighting and phone supports.

Monitor mounting access area and cable management raceways have been redesigned to provide a more open workspace for integrators. Front and rear doors provide greater access to cabling areas, so that cables can be easily run between desks, mounted equipment and remote equipment areas. A compact and compatible rack is available to mount equipment for the system.

The Desk System designs are attractive and elegant with new color options including Honey Maple, Dark Cherry and Pepperstone. These new looks result in more pleasant workspaces whether in more visible, public areas or edit rooms and production suites.

Most importantly, these new Desk Systems are part of the reliable, integrated mounting security system solution Middle Atlantic Products is known for that includes space-efficient cabinet/rack enclosures with effective thermal management to remove heat from equipment and intelligent cable management to ensure proper data transmission and easy serviceability.

For technical specifications and in-depth information regarding Post/Control Room Desk Systems, and Middle Atlantic Products, please click to www.middleatlantic.com or call 1.800.266.7225.