Hoffman Estates, IL – December 14, 2011 – In their combined efforts to help make continued training easily accessible to professionals working in the broadcast industry, Class on Demand™, a provider of professional educational products for creative markets, is pleased to announce its new partnership with the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians – Communications Workers of America (NABET-CWA). The two will collaborate to provide NABET-CWA members with access to Class on Demand’s entire catalog of online training materials. As part of the agreement, Class on Demand is creating a NABET-CWA-branded customized online portal, where the trade union’s members can access the training and certification they need in order to keep current with the requirements of today’s digital broadcast and post-production environments.

“On behalf of the thousands of our members working in the broadcasting industry, NABET-CWA is excited to add Class on Demand to our team of training and career education partners,” says Jim Joyce, president, NABET-CWA. “As a trade union, we are always interested in giving our members tools that will provide new skills and sharpen existing skills as an added value to their membership. The professionals at Class on Demand have met the exacting standards required by NABET-CWA's Taskforce on Technology and Training for programs we make available to our members, with both their existing catalog of training materials and their commitment to develop custom-tailored training materials. I am confident that our members will greatly benefit from the services provided by Class on Demand.”

The portal, which is currently in the beta stage, will be offered for a small fee to all NABET-CWA members as part of their union membership. NABET-CWA members only need to create an account to access the entire Class on Demand course catalog, including training produced by Class on Demand’s strategic partners. As new titles are introduced to the website, these will be instantly available to NABET-CWA members through the portal as well. Users can access the training from work or home, at any hour of the day.

“NABET-CWA is very pleased to begin our new partnership with Class on Demand,” says Charlie Braico, sector vice president, NABET-CWA. “We are excited to begin the development phase of these fresh training resources and look forward to introducing these new instructional tools to our members. We expect a full rollout of the custom training portfolio in early 2012.”

As part of the new customized portal, NABET-CWA leaders can generate reports on the training service and members’ progress on a national, local or individual basis. Members can also work toward certification in individual programs and technologies, receiving a Certificate of Completion and Merit for completing a training course by answering questions at a pre-determined accuracy level.

“As digital and information technology have become part and parcel of virtually every aspect of the broadcast and post-production facility, it is more important than ever that workers in these fields keep abreast of the latest technological advances,” says Paul Holtz, founder and CEO, Class on Demand. “Knowing how to use the latest editing, graphics, or Web development software, for example, is increasingly making the difference between whether someone is hired for a broadcast or post job, or passed over completely. We applaud NABET-CWA for recognizing the importance of this by working with us to create the online training portal for their membership.”


The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians -Communications Workers of America (NABET-CWA) represents more than 9,500 workers in broadcasting and related industries. The parent union, CWA, represents 550,000 members in telecommunications, newspaper publishing, nursing, public safety, state and local government, law enforcement, airlines, manufacturing and many other fields.

NABET-CWA has contracts with ABC, NBC, FOX as well as dozens of local television stations and video production companies across the country. Our membership includes engineers, technicians, photographers, editors, directors, producers, writers, reporters, anchors and others in the broadcast and cable television industry. NABET-CWA engages in collective bargaining, organizing, political activity, job training and professional skills development to improve wages, working conditions and job security for our diverse and talented membership.

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