Net Insight announces its answer to the IP QoS Challenge for real-time media networks

AMSTERDAM, (IBC) – Net Insight, a leading provider of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, is addressing the pressure that the telecoms and media network operators are facing owing to the exponential growth in video and other media services. Net Insight’s unique MSR functionality enhances the performance of the IP networks for media traffic and creates truly service aware media networks.

Net Insight’s award-winning Nimbra platform with its unique MSR functionality has the ability to provide service-centric network management, QoS Enhanced Links and lossless routing. This functionality enables Net Insight to deliver 100% Quality of Service and service integrity in IP media networks as well as enhancing the performance of the IP networks.

The Service-Centric Network Management handles each media service individually within the IP network to be truly aware of each service. As a result, Net Insight can provision, monitor and protect each one individually on demand on an end-to-end basis. This means that it is possible to remove and add services, provision multicast video streams, set special protection features for a specific service, without interfering or affecting the provisioning and protection of the IP core infrastructure.

With QoS Enhanced Links, Net Insight’s MSR (Media Switch Routers), the Nimbra, takes action at each hop to enhance the performance of the IP infrastructure by improving the quality of the traffic sent between each Nimbra over the core IP network. It performs forward error correction (FEC) to reduce packet loss created between any Nimbra MSRs, traffic shaping to facilitate resource allocation and SLA ensurance for the IP network and resynchronization in each MSR, to reduce end-to-end jitter and wander. Additionally, the Nimbra measures packet loss and jitter in real-time and on all intermediate links, measuring the health of the network without costly external probe monitoring systems.

Lossless Routing guarantees zero packet loss i.e. from ingress port to egress port, the Nimbra, thanks to its MSR functionality, never loses a packet and never adding any QoS degradation to the media services.

“Net Insight is the only company delivering true service aware media networks and at the same time offer lossless routing and the ability to improve the performance of the IP network to reduce packet loss, jitter and wander for media traffic”, says Per Lindgren, VP Business Development and co-founder at Net Insight

Visit Net Insight (1.B40) at IBC 2011 for more information around Net Insight answer to the IP QoS challenge.

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