Nevion to present managed video services solutions at CAPER 2011

Nevion to present managed video services solutions at CAPER 2011

VideoIPath solutions for IP and optical video networks lower the cost of remote production

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 26, 2011 – Nevion, a leading provider of managed video services for broadcasters, service providers and government entities worldwide, will showcase its new VideoIPath managed video services solutions at CAPER 2011, the international trade fair for broadcast, cable, cine and multimedia. Nevion will be exhibiting alongside its distributor Sistemas de Video Comunicacion (SVC) at booth C11 in hall 5 at Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 26 – 28.

Among other applications, Nevion’s VideoIPath solutions for managed video services over IP and optical networks can easily facilitate remote production, a key capability in the current climate of increasing, global live broadcasting. VideoIPath for IP contribution networks provides IP video transport with comprehensive, end-to-end control, monitoring and management. It features comprehensive managed video services for complete provisioning, connection management, bandwidth optimization, analytics and network inventory. It greatly reduces the cost structure by bringing video services into the IP environment, where scalability is dramatically increasing and port costs are decreasing.

VideoIPath for IP now includes the VS902, a powerful new universal IP video transport platform that accepts any SDI or ASI input and provides both uncompressed encapsulation to IP and a choice of JPEG 2000 or H.264 compression. It offers transport protected by Streaming Intelligent Packet Switching (SIPS), a technology developed by Nevion as a more advanced transport protection method that provides perfect protection switching in addition to packet loss protection. VideoIPath also supports forward error correction (FEC), and provides automatic calculation of the FEC settings needed to meet a desired level of service.

VideoIPath is administered from a Web-based console for comprehensive managed video services. It simplifies the complexity of video-over-IP services by adding a network abstraction layer, allowing users to provision and monitor services without having to consider detailed configuration settings in each network element. By auto-detecting available video resources, VideoIPath can present appropriate video end-points and service profiles to users, enabling them to schedule and initiate connections in an intuitive option-selection process. VideoIPath manages bandwidth by allocating the necessary resources without overbooking.

VideoIPath is also available for optical networks, providing a completely managed video services system for broadcasters’ fiber-based networks. The fully integrated system combines advanced transport hardware for contribution-quality video transport with comprehensive end-to-end control, monitoring and management.

VideoIPath’s optical networking—driven by Nevion Flashlink and Sublime optical components—provides a highly cost-efficient solution for intra- and inter-facility signal distribution and management that assures quality, protection and efficiency. It integrates leading hardware components with sophisticated management capabilities for a new level of provisioning and resource management that dramatically lowers OPEX and CAPEX.

A critical component of VideoIPath optical networking is the new Flashlink ADP-3G module that can add, drop or pass signals on each layer, ensuring fast and safe signal switching for all nodes in the network. Flashlink add/drop modules are used in each node to provide redundant input and output of video and audio signals. They can be configured to either add an input signal on a layer (eastbound and westbound), drop the signal transported on a layer, or simply pass the signal without any add or drop. Flashlink ADP also includes changeover capabilities for complete redundancy.

Nevion will also be showcasing the Flashlink Compact E-O/O-E solution, which is ideal for broadcasters migrating from electrical to optical distribution, and FlashCase, a durable but ultra-lightweight frame for connecting camera sites to production trucks or other facilities in an outside broadcast environment.

About Nevion

Moving beyond video transport to fully managed and controlled video networking services, Nevion manufactures award-winning systems for broadcasters, service providers and government agencies worldwide. Highly modular solutions encompass IP and optical transport, state-of-the-art compression and routing for any video format over any network infrastructure—within buildings or across continents. With the industry’s greenest and most scalable products, Nevion preserves quality while delivering video from content acquisition through distribution. By creating new service-offering opportunities or minimizing costs, Nevion enables its customers to move, manage and monetize video content. World headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, with U.S. headquarters in Oxnard, California; Nevion also maintains offices in Oslo, Chicago, London, Dubai, Beijing and Singapore.