Dobil Laboratories Helps Customer Bid Fond Farewell to Sneaker-Net with Small Tree Shared Storage Networking Technology

It is a scene many video editors are all too familiar with; rummaging through a bunch of FireWire drives to find the one that contains the latest project, taking it to a workstation, copying the necessary files to continue the project and repeating over and over again. Not exactly the recipe for keeping those creative juices flowing.

When Pittsburgh-based Dobil Laboratories was contacted by video editors at a local university who were tired of their “sneaker-net” solution, the audiovisual system integrators selected Small Tree’s Gigabit Ethernet-based shared storage technology to provide the robust solution with instant access to all the files the editors required.

With six editing stations running Final Cut Pro concurrently across its network, the university was desperate for a system that would enable each editor real-time access to video files with sustainable throughput that was conducive to creativity. To streamline the editing team’s workflow, Dobil Laboratories installed Small Tree’s GraniteSTOR Ethernet-based shared storage technology at the university. Featuring unique Mac OS X networking capabilities supporting multiple Ethernet ports, the GraniteSTOR solution incorporates Small Tree’s PEG6, a 6-port Ethernet card with the Edge-corE ES4528V, a 28-port Gigabit Ethernet switch.

“We originally looked at an Apple SAN solution for the university, but that would have cost over $100,000, which far exceeded our client’s budget,” said Jason Lee, IT manager at Dobil. “With Small Tree’s storage networking technology, we were able to install a solution that was way more affordable while providing our client with the bandwidth they need to complete their projects on-time and under budget.”

Designer of simple-to-install, affordable Mac-based networking and shared storage products, Small Tree is the premier multi-port Ethernet networking technology provider for OS X customers, enabling cost effective Ethernet shared storage technology. For more information about the company and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC (1-866-782-4622), or visit or follow Small Tree on Twitter @smalltreecomm.