Omneon MediaGrid™ Platform Extended to Include Direct Ingest Efficiency for News, Sports Highlights, Studio Production

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Aug. 18, 2009 — Omneon Inc. today announced that the Omneon MediaGrid™ active storage system integrates with Telestream's Pipeline™ video capture device to provide even faster access to material needed for fast-paced news, sports highlights, and studio production environments. Pipeline is among the expanding ecosystem of third-party solutions that integrate with the Omneon media storage platform to increase the efficiency of broadcast and production workflows.

Pipeline facilitates fast, direct ingest of content to the Omneon MediaGrid system, which in turn enables immediate edit-while-ingest of SD and HD content with Final Cut Pro®. As a result, editors can work on new content as it is being ingested into the Omneon MediaGrid system. Thanks to a robust API and smooth interoperability with Pipeline, the ingest of material to the Omneon MediaGrid system is seamless, requiring no manual intervention, refreshing, or updating on the part of the editor. As ingest proceeds, the stored file continues to grow, and additional frames simply appear and become available for editing on Final Cut Pro.

"The Omneon MediaGrid platform is increasingly being adopted as a foundation for flexible, streamlined, and scalable file-based media storage and processing in the broadcast and production markets, and our continued qualification of leading third-party products such as Pipeline brings added speed and versatility as required by each customer's preferred workflow," said Geoff Stedman, Omneon senior vice president of marketing and business development. "In today's news, sports highlights, and studio production workflows, a rapid turnaround depends on how quickly editors can access media and get to work. The Omneon MediaGrid platform integrates easily with Pipeline to maximize efficiency in this key workflow area."

The Pipeline video capture device encodes SD and HD media in lightly compressed production formats, such as DVCPRO HD, ProRes 4:2:2, and DNxHD, directly into the Omneon MediaGrid platform for immediate editing. When multiple sources are being ingested at once, the Final Cut Pro multiclip function streamlines the production workflow by allowing editors to see and choose from multiple video sources running on the same timecode. The Omneon MediaGrid system's direct access file system driver for Mac® clients enables uninterrupted access to stored video frames, so playback remains smooth despite simultaneous channels encoding to the Omneon MediaGrid system.

"Telestream and Omneon have a long and successful history working together, having provided hundreds of shared customers with solutions based on Omneon storage and our FlipFactory® transcoding technology," said Barbara DeHart, Telestream vice president of marketing. "We're pleased to be working with Omneon once again to meet the demands of evolving broadcast workflows. In tandem with our Pipeline system, the Omneon MediaGrid system provides a powerful solution for rapid media access in multichannel broadcast and production applications."

The Omneon MediaGrid platform operating with Pipeline was demonstrated throughout the 2009 NAB Show. At IBC2009, Omneon will again showcase direct ingest to the Omneon MediaGrid system and the edit-while-ingest workflow for Final Cut Pro (with QuickTime®-wrapped DVCPRO HD and QuickTime®-wrapped ProRes 4:2:2), as well as DNxHD encoding for direct ingest to Avid® workflows.

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