Independent Systems Integrator To Build Two High-Definition OB Trailers

Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK, April 2008: In the face of stiff competition, independent UK systems integrator Megahertz Broadcast Systems has won a tender to build two high-definition turnkey trailer vehicles for BBC Outside Broadcasts, part of BBC Resources Ltd. The contract, one of a number of high-value truck-building projects recently taken on by Megahertz, was announced in outline in the UK broadcast press at the end of last year. The work involves building a new Type 10 vehicle, with an HD trailer which has integrated VT facilities, and constructing a totally new bigger and better HD production vehicle -- Type 12.

The finer points of the specifications for both trucks, which are due to be completed in summer 2008, are still being determined. However, it is known that the Type 10 will be a single-sided expander trailer, an evolution of the existing Type 10s BBC Outside Broadcasts already has in service, whilst the Type 12 will be built as a double-sided expander vehicle to a brand-new design; an additional expanding pod within the production area will create a deeper gallery for an additional third row of seating. Both units will be equipped with Sony HD cameras and video switchers, and will feature Evertz video distribution hardware, Dynaudio BM6A and BM5A audio monitoring, and Bluefin-equipped Calrec Sigma sound desks, so that 5.1 surround soundtracks may accompany the HD visuals. Coachbuilding for both vehicles is being undertaken by a company not normally associated with the broadcast industry, which has resulted in a number of innovative ideas being brought into the design.

Mark Tugwell, Director of BBC Outside Broadcasts, says: “We‘re really excited about these two new production vehicles, which will offer our customers the highest technical facilities as well as an aesthetically developed space to work in. Megahertz is working with a new coach builder, which has brought fresh ideas to the truck designs which really make an impact.”

"Megahertz has been a respected small- and medium-scale truck-builder for many years," comments new Megahertz MD Greg Hoskin, "but recent contract announcements like this one show our commitment to taking this side of the business to the next level. We're delighted that BBC Outside Broadcasts has chosen us to build these vehicles for them, and we‘ll be announcing more details relating to the contract as soon as we can."