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Focal Speakers Featured in 9.1 Dolby Demo Room

Nine Focal 'Electra 1000 Be II' series speakers with dual sub-woofers installed at San Francisco HQ

Champlain, NY - June 2, 2010 - Audio Plus Services, the distributor behind Focal Professional and Home Audio products in North America, announced today that Dolby Laboratories has installed a 9.1 surround-sound system featuring a selection of Focal speakers in their new demo room at the San Francisco headquarters. The install features 6 of the Focal Electra 1038 Be speakers for front, side and rear, a pair of Electra 1008 Be speakers mounted higher in the center-front, a center channel Electra CC1008 Be and dual Electra SW 1000Be sub-woofers.

Dolby's demo room is designed to show off the high quality and flexibility of the company's latest technologies to current and prospective partners and clients. Dolby demos up to 192 kHz Dolby TrueHD lossless audio on Blu-Ray Disc and Dolby Pro Logic IIz with height channel capabilities among other innovations. The room features multiple playback devices for DVD and BluRay formats, specialized screens to match the multiple resolutions available today and a two-tiered seating system allowing multiple listeners to be in the center sweet spot of the 9.1 Focal speaker system that is paired with audiophile amplifiers and top quality speaker cabling.

During a recent visit to the Dolby headquarters, Simon Côté, Manager of Professional Products at Audio Plus Services, got a rare listening experience inside the demo room, "We have hoped that someone would push the boundaries with a surround set up like they've created at Dolby with the Focal speakers. This was the first time I had heard a 9.1 system, and with that many Electra speakers at once it sounded amazing, from the dynamics of a classical recording to the punch of rock and smoothness of pop and R&B. Audiophile listening is an art form in many unique ways and Dolby has created both a technical and pleasurable room to experience amazing surround sound."

The Electra Be line of speakers feature Focal's patented and revolutionary Beryllium inverted dome tweeters that in the latest Electra 1000 Be II models are enhanced with Infinite Acoustic Loading (IAL) to cover an even wider frequency range. The Electra 1038 Be is a 3-way bass reflex floor-standing speaker that offers a frequency response of 33Hz to 40kHz and features three 7-inch woofers along with a mid-range driver. The cones of the drivers are made from one of Focal's most famous inventions, the "W" composite 'sandwich technology that offers extreme rigidity, while being light and featuring high internal damping to avoid sound coloration. All Focal Electra components are designed and made at their factory in France. The Electra cabinet design is also part of their 'sound' - non-parallel side panels diffuse standing waves, while the rounded aluminum baffle housing the tweeter suppresses audio diffraction.

About Focal

Since its foundation, Focal has grown to become one of the world's leading Hi-Fi and professional loudspeaker companies. Headquartered in Saint- Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of drivers for Hi-Fi and professional loudspeakers. Focal is also a pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of for car-audio and pro-audio. The company's key strength is its complete integration and quality control of the loudspeaker manufacturing process, from the design of speaker driver units, cabinets and crossovers, to the assembly of the finished product. Focal maintains an intense, continual research program and development in speaker driver technologies. Five patents have been registered to Focal since 2003. Please visit: and

About Audio Plus Services

Established in 1979, Audio Plus Services is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands. Based in Montreal with U.S facilities in Champlain, NY, Audio Plus has sales personnel located throughout the United States to professionally service their active roster of more than 300 specialty A/V dealers. Audio Plus specializes in products and services for the professional audio and performing musician markets, and the home theater and custom integration (CI) market - both residential and commercial - for North America. Visit the Audio Plus website at or call (800) 663-9352 for more information.

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