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Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. Selects NVISION’s New Nv5100MC Master Control

Grass Valley, CA – July 24, 2008 – Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (TBS, Inc.) has installed NVISION’s all-new NV5100MC Multi-Channel Master Control Switching Systems for its major television services, which includes TNT HD, TBS HD, TBS east and west, Cartoon Network and Atlanta’s Peachtree TV.

Turner developed a master control model that could be replicated for its numerous channels. The requirements for the model included mirrored back-up capability under automation control, with the option to go to full manual-switcher operation as required; increased audio channels, including Dolby E processing capability for HD content with surround sound; integration of external graphics, along with insertion of closed captioning and other services, without disrupting program delivery; and due to limited space, compact master control switcher panels that fit Turner’s existing model for control room consoles.

“NVISION’s NV5100 master control met all our operational criteria and they worked with us to tailor their design to fit our space limitations,” says Bob Peck, Senior Project Manager, Broadcast Technology and Operations, at TBS.

“We also wanted to ensure our operators could preview events as they are being built, and without interfering with the automation. The NV5100 was a solution for this,” says Peck. A unique feature to the NV5100MC is its independent full-function preview option. Features include all the video functions that will be in the final program event, including background, three external and two logo keyers, along with true dual-squeeze previewing if needed. Single or dual squeeze can be added as simple daughterboard plug-ins on the core program/preset processor as well as preview.

About NVISION: Moving Pictures and Sound Around, Perfectly

NVISION is the leading provider of advanced technology and systems for the production and delivery of superior, error-free digital audio and HD/SD video used in all TV broadcast sectors and multi-format post production. The company’s sole focus is the development and manufacture of high-performance, high-reliability, scaleable, and cost-effective router, router control, master control, and modular broadcast systems. Since its founding in 1989, NVISION has pioneered groundbreaking technological advances, including large-scale HD-SDI routing and synchronous AES routing – first in HD; first in 3Gb/s-enabled routers. For more information, please visit