Belden Unveils New Line of HD BNC Compression Connectors

At the 2011 NAB Show, Belden introduced its new series of High Definition Brilliance® BNC Compression Connectors, which provide the exceptional performance and rock-solid reliability required by the professional broadcast and professional audio/video market. The connectors deliver better than -20 dB Return Loss performance through 4.5 GHz, exceeding the SMPTE specification requirements.

The new Belden Brilliance HD BNC Connector line is comprised of:

• Breakthrough 1-Piece BNC Compression Connectors with Optional Patented Locking Feature

• Optimized 3-Piece BNC Crimp Connectors

• Connector tools for both 1-piece and 3-piece connectors

Belden’s 1-Piece BNC Compression Connector design eliminates the pin, collar and connector as separate components, thereby providing faster, easier installation. In tests, installation took about half the time to secure the 1-piece connector design versus traditional three-piece connectors. In addition, the 1-Piece Connectors provide excellent holding strength and weather resistance, thanks to internal 360 degree compression rings. A non-blind entry ensures that the center conductor is properly inserted into the center pin. And, improved insulation materials (PTFE) help to deliver maximum Return Loss performance.

The patented HD Brilliance 1-Piece BNC Locking Connector features an optional patented screw-on locking collar which securely aligns the connector and locks the bayonet nut of the BNC in place, delivering an unparalleled level of electrical performance. By stabilizing and reducing the amount of potential movement between the connector and cable, the Belden HD Brilliance Locking Connector delivers the line’s best Return Loss performance, exceeding -40dB at 4 GHz.

Belden’s HD Brilliance 1-Piece Compression Connectors provide a more consistent result in field installations, with less reliance on the skill of the individual installer. The simple tools and installation steps mean every connection is correct and high performing, reducing installation costs due to failed connections, trouble shooting, reworks and overall labor costs.

To learn more about Belden’s new HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connectors, and to download a copy of our white paper, A New Form of Compression Connector, by Steve Lampen, go to