Mitsubishi offers upgrade kit for older Samsung 3-D TVs

For several years, both Mitsubishi and Samsung (opens in new tab) have both been shipping what were termed “3-D-ready TV sets.” The sets, however, were of a different standard than those being sold today for 3-D broadcasts, Blu-ray movies and videogames.

Last year, Mitsubishi released a kit to update its DLP TVs for 3-D viewing. Now the company has released the 3DC-100S, an upgrade kit that will also work with Samsung’s projection TV (it does not include plasma models).

The 3D Starter Pack, Mitsubishi said, enables upgrades of both Mitsubishi and Samsung 3-D-ready DLP TVs and is available online at It comes with two pairs of active-shutter 3-D eyewear, a 3-D emitter, an updated 3-D adapter with remote, an HDMI cable and a Disney 3-D Blu-ray disc that includes 3-D trailers of “A Christmas Carol,” “Alice In Wonderland” and “Toy Story 3,” along with an educational short on 3-D presented by Disney characters Timon and Pumba.

The upgrade kit converts all mandatory 3-D signal formats as prescribed by HDMI 1.4a for display on all Mitsubishi and Samsung 3-D-ready DLP TVs. Samsung models supported include the 650 Series​​​, 750 Series,​​​ 75 Series, HL61A650C1F, HL61A750A1F, ​HL-T5075S, 76 Series​​​, 87/88 Series and ​​​89 Series.

In addition, Mitsubishi announced it will make a 92inch 3-D TV, which is due on the market this summer. It will reportedly cost less than $6000 using a technology largely abandoned by other TV makers: DLP. Although Mitsubishi said it is the only TV maker still using DLP, it is the technology most commonly used by movie theaters that have digital projectors.

The major drawback to DLP is that it can’t match the thinness of LED, LCD and plasma TVs, with DLP’s generally running about 2ft thick. Most TV sets are now much thinner.

The 92in set features a built-in sound bar that simulates surround sound from a single row of speakers mounted below the screen. Bass response is improved by a companion subwoofer, and wireless rear speakers can be added for surround sound.