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Pilat Media Launches IBMS Cinema, an Integrated Business Management System for Theater Advertising and Promotion

Targeted to Digital and Analog Cinema Advertising Distributors, IBMS Cinema Provides Unified Platform for Managing End-to-End Campaign Creation and Placement

NEW YORK -- March 1, 2011 -- Pilat Media Global plc [AIM: PGB], the leading supplier of business management software to the media industry, today announced the launch of IBMS Cinema, a new business management system for complete theater advertising and promotion in digital cinemas. IBMS Cinema dramatically improves advertising processes for cinema businesses by providing a single, integrated platform for managing all pre-show cinema spots, venue screens, and in-theater marketing programs, as well as circuit agreements and advertiser and agency relationships.

"The emergence of digital distribution technology for cinematic content offers huge potential for companies that sell and distribute advertising to networks of movie theaters -- creating significant efficiencies and cost savings as well as attractive new opportunities for highly targeted campaigns," said Bob Lamb, chief technical officer of Pilat Media. "At the same time a significant segment of the cinema network is still running analog services and it too can greatly benefit from business operations support. IBMS Cinema gives these companies a central command post from which to control every facet of their theater networks' advertising programs to improve ad sales efficiency, expand advertiser opportunities, streamline ad delivery operations, and increase profitability."

IBMS Cinema is a modular, end-to-end system for cinema advertising that drives all key business areas from a unified database and user interface. In addition to managing more traditional cinema campaigns, such as ads appearing on-screen prior to a movie, companies can use IBMS Cinema to sell new media opportunities such as digital signage campaigns in the lobby or snack bar, promotions for special events, and paid content. In addition to national ad placements, IBMS Cinema's integrated geocoding tools create new opportunities for local advertisers to target their own communities cost-effectively. For instance, a pizza delivery operation can easily target all theaters within five miles of any of its locations.

With IBMS Cinema, companies can manage the complete advertising business cycle from creating proposals and booking confirmations to generating media instructions and distributing theater playlists, gathering admissions, and producing invoices. Circuit revenue share is also handled. The system includes a wide array of tools for managing advertising inventory and packaging events for proposal and booking of rolling stock, slides, and other formats. Theaters can be selected from parameters such as by type, location, movie title and MPAA rating, and screen attributes. In addition, the system automatically enforces exclusive product agreements and specific inventory rules and regulations, such as preventing consecutive commercials for two similar product types, or applying theater restrictions to specific product types such as alcohol or suggestive content. Once approved, proposed campaigns are converted to confirmed bookings with a single click.

IBMS Cinema is the latest result of Pilat Media's 12-plus years of experience perfecting business management systems for some of the world's biggest and best-known media companies, many of whose best practices carry over perfectly to the digital cinema world. IBMS Cinema is now being implemented by one of the largest cinema advertising companies in the U.S.

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