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Grammy telecast creates 3-D graphics with Ross XPression

Following a similar performance for the Screen Actors Guild Awards Jan. 30, Ross Video’s XPression 2-D/3-D CG and motion-graphics system was used by production and staging company Mdots/Fontastics to provide live graphics for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, which aired live on CBS Feb. 13.

The telecast took advantage of the XPression system’s real-time 3-D capabilities, including providing line-by-line or side-by-side multichannel and anaglyph-based 3-D elements.

Hugh Grew, graphics operator for the show, used XPression to display nominee boxes and animated lower-thirds for the winners. He created still and fully animated 3-D graphics, and then completed the graphic with an off-animation when the director called for it. XPression helped him manage all of the animations.