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My first visit of the day was with Sophie Lion-Poulain and Christophe Poulain. We dicsussed three new products: the GOLDENEAGLE ATSC, NAVIGATOR DVB-SH and RELIO with SCRIPTEASY V2.

GOLDENEAGLE ATSC offers digital TV monitoring for 8-VSB and MPEG-2 for multiple stations with centralized managment. RF and MPEG-2 monitoring and transmitter remote control are all provided in the same unit.

NAVIGATOR DVB-SH is a portable T&M unit for DVB-SH developed inconjunction with TeamCast. The portable unit can be used with any frequency spectrum below 3GHz in terrestrial, satellite or hybrid networks.

RELIO is a managment unit with 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs, 24 analog inputs, four serial ports, two Ethernet ports, four USB ports and one phone line connector. The SCRIPTEASY graphical software includes the MASTERVIEW graphical user interface, which allows felxible creation for users to see information from and control remote equipment over a network connection.

Adeumat is in booth N7932.