Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 19, 2008... Lawo, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of digital audio networking and console systems for production, post production, broadcast, and related applications, is pleased to announce the Version 2.8 upgrade for the company‘s zirkon on-air radio console. Featuring a number of significant enhancements to both the system control and configuration software as well as the company‘s VisTool touch screen surface visualization software, the new V2.8 update provides numerous enhancements that are certain to please both a radio station‘s on-air talent and engineering staff alike*.

In contrast to the previous version 2.7.1, most notable among V2.8‘s various upgraded capabilities is the new DSP card mode for the zirkon. With the new ‘Sig80‘ DSP mode, the system supports an additional 40 DSP channels (mono/stereo) with EQ, Dynamics, and Limiting provided by the use of a second masterboard. For environments where additional signal processing is desired, this new card mode significantly enhances the zirkon‘s functionality by providing dynamically allocated DSP resources--thus providing support for far more complex mix configurations.

Lawo‘s new V2.8 firmware also includes a significant change in the transmission method used for VisTool metering data. Performance and communication has been improved by changing to UDP (User Datagram Protocol) as compared to earlier versions that use TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). As UDP avoids the system overhead of checking every last data packet, metering response is faster and provides greater compatibility in networked environments.

With the change to UDP data transmission for metering information, the new V2.8 software also provides a new Logic Element UDP Matrix. With this enhancement, the UDP Matrix can be used, for example, to simultaneously route RDS (Radio Data System) information and/or audio with equipment from a variety of manufacturers using UECP (Universal Encoder Communication Protocol), providing increased functionality in a networked environment.

Like the V2.8 firmware upgrade, Lawo‘s new VisTool touch screen surface visualization software brings enhanced performance to the zirkon console. In addition to faster, more responsive metering in a networked environment, the new VisTool upgrade now provides Surround Parameter Keys in Screen Parameters. As a result of this change, Surround panning can now be accessed by VisTool buttons.

With the VisTools software upgrade, users can now display 24 channels simultaneously. To further enhance efficiency, the colors of EQ Parameters and markers can now be set. This change is designed to enhance workflow by making it easier to identify various aspects of the mix.

Herbert Lemcke, President of Lawo North America, commented on the new upgrades to the zirkon radio console. “Lawo‘s zirkon is a remarkably versatile console for the radio broadcast environment, and these new changes mark a dramatic increase in the console‘s ability to enhance end user interaction, particularly in more complex networked environments. I‘m confident many zirkon users will find much to like.”

Lawo zirkon users who wish to upgrade their consoles may obtain the new V2.8 software by contacting Lawo North America‘s technical support services at (888) 810-4468. Users outside North America should contact their local Lawo representative.

About Lawo

Lawo is a manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound. Established in the 1970s, the company‘s manufacturing center is located in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. For additional information on Lawo‘s plug-in integration and all Lawo products, visit the company online at