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New Video-Rich Website on Free Space Optics Wireless Transmission Debuts

A unique vGuide ™, provides video,

3-D interactive, and general information on Canobeam, an FSO category leader.

Great Neck, NY—Point-to-point wireless optical beam transmission (Free Space Optics) is becoming increasingly popular as the product becomes more affordable and concerns about other forms of wireless transmission security grow. Free Space Optics (FSO) is required where fiber cannot be installed because of physical restrictions or costs, as well as in applications that require a back-up system (“redundancy”) in the event the fiber is destroyed or damaged., is a unique vGuide ™ created by Marcomm Group, an integrated marketing company specializing in B2B markets. The site relies heavily on streaming video, rather than text, to inform viewers about the benefits, advantages, and applications of FSO technology.

“A vGuide is simply a single product (or category) online destination that replaces printed literature with high-impact, easy-to-absorb, video content,” stated Bob Lipp, Marcomm’s president and vGuide creator. “Streaming video technology, along with the build-out of broadband, makes it possible for people to gather information by watching instead of reading. Plus, unlike a printed brochure, a vGuide has a built-in email distribution module that replaces the cost of snail-mail, as well as a lead-generation/buying tool.”

Visitors to will see a video-rich website created to answer questions and concerns about the technology in substantial detail. The site features over a dozen short videos on topics that range from Auto-Tracking, to Security, to RF & Fiber.

There is also an interactive virtual tour of the featured product, Canobeam, as well as case studies, Flash animations, and more, all designed to answer questions and address customer requirements.

The site contains a wide range of information on Canobeam’s DT-100 Series, engineered to provide maximum security for wireless transmission. Employing a line-of-sight beam of infrared light, Canobeam’s digital data transceivers are virtually immune from signal interception. Canobeam is the choice over microwave radio for high-bandwidth (up to Gigabit) transmission, and Canobeam is also the ideal solution for applications when fiber is not available or too costly to install. Canobeam features: Built-in Auto-Tracking in all three data models, (DT-110, DT-120, and Gigabit speed DT-130); and Small Form Pluggable (SFP) fiber-interface connections as well as Canobeam's DT-MNG-100 Management Board, which enables users to monitor the status of Canobeam transceivers via simple network management protocol (SNMP) or Telnet (for monitoring and setting). In addition, diagnostic logs can be stored in a PC via FTP (for log data transmission).

For applications in which HD video needs to be digitally transmitted as an HD-SDI signal with embedded audio, Canon’s newest Canobeam, the model DT-150 HD, is used. The Canobeam DT-150 HD provides bi-directional, uncompressed 1.5 Gbps transmission of embedded digital HD video, audio and camera-control signals on a single HD-SDI or SD-SDI stream with no delay, at a range of up to one kilometer. It is designed for the television industry and is ideal for situations where transmitting video via microwave link or fiber-optic cables is impractical or impossible, such as at many sporting events, outdoor concerts, and awards shows.

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