Alyoum TV, a new Kuwaiti channel with VSN technology

The brand new news channel, Alyoum TV, has selected VSN for the complete deployment of a 100% tapeless system that includes solutions for news production, broadcast playout automation, graphics, compliance recording, ingest and contents management.

The brand new Kuwaiti channel Alyoum TV has chosen VSN’s technology for the deployment of a complete 100% tapeless broadcast system. With an initial staff of a hundred people, the channel has specialized in news production, mainly broadcasting local news and general information on Kuwait. Alyoum TV produces four daily newscasts, among other debate and talk shows. The VSN technology was selected by the channel’s technical management because of ‘their excellent quality/cost ratio, their ability to offer a complete and integrated system and the Arabic support of their graphics tools’.

The installation includes a news production system VSNNEWS with fifteen news writing stations, three non-linear editing (NLE) cabins and a VSNPROMPTER teleprompter. Alyoum TV’s personnel utilize the news installation in two daily shifts. The solution VSNAUTOREC is used for ingesting contents, and includes a powerful ingest programmer for frequent as well as for specific recordings. Master control playout and automation are all managed with the playout and multiformat server VSNMATIC, which is now integrated with the titling system VSNCG. A compliance recording system VSNLEGALREC is also included in the installation. The channel, which is betting high on branding, utilizes advanced graphics thanks to the solution VSNCG+ that offers a much more powerful user interface in version 5.0, including search filters, the ability to undo changes without limits, and floating windows allocation. The channel manages their contents with the multiplatform solution VSNSHARER, included in the brand new VSN Spider architecture.

VSN won the tender in collaboration with its partner, Motion Media. Alyoum TV, which has plans to continue to grow, may acquire a complete archive system VSNARCHIVE in a second stage of the installation. The channel already has news, sports and talk-show studios.