ScheduALL CABSAT 2009 Show Preview

CABSAT 2009 Show Preview

Stand ZE-21


Princess House,

50 Eastcastle Street

London, UK W1W 8EA

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7636 0707

ScheduALL Contact:

Adam Lowe

Tel: +1 (954) 334-5406


Agency Contact:

David Netz

Wall Street Communications

Tel: +1 (303) 329-0359


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Company Overview:

ScheduALL is the leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software for the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries. With a 20-year track record of success and more than 1,200 clients worldwide, ScheduALL is the partner of choice for broadcast, satellite, and production facilities that require the best in operational management software solutions.

ScheduALL's software offers comprehensive workflow and resource management solutions that enable clients to optimize personnel, resource, and bandwidth utilization in a way that directly translates into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable product sets provide a collaborative platform for users in the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. ScheduALL clients include BBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, CBC, ABC Australia, RTL, and NewSkies Satellites.

New Products at CABSAT 2009:


ScheduALL's core tenets of collaboration, interoperability, and workflow are embodied in its highly flexible and modular tool set that directly address the dynamic operational and profitability needs of the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. The ability to connect disparate systems, streamline business processes, and increase resource utilization within the enterprise are just some of the ways the ScheduALL ERM application simplifies the administration of facilities, equipment, asset libraries, personnel scheduling, bidding, billing, and payments.


ScheduLINK is an innovative transmission management and optimization solution for the world's largest satellite bandwidth providers, television broadcasters, cable networks, and mobile uplink providers. Extensive satellite and terrestrial bandwidth configuration tools provide easy-to-read graphical transmission path scheduling and control over multiple business and technical variables.

ScheduALL Media Manager

ScheduALL's Media Manager uniquely provides media, entertainment, and broadcast industries an effective way to organize and track all media assets. Media Manager incorporates workflow decisions, creation costs, source elements, and asset locations into an asset's metadata. Fully integrated with ScheduALL, Media Manager seamlessly manages the tasks involved in content creation, as well as traffic, shipping, and duplication.